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The Keeper   By: (1904-1964)

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The Keeper by H. Beam Piper is an enthralling science fiction novel that instantly takes the reader on a captivating journey. Set in a future where humanity has colonized other planets, the story primarily focuses on the adventurous and sometimes perilous life of the protagonist.

The novel introduces us to a well-developed and complex protagonist who possesses both relatability and unique traits. Through well-crafted dialogues and vivid descriptions, the reader becomes emotionally invested in the character's journey, experiencing their triumphs and hardships. The protagonist's internal struggles, as well as their external conflicts, are brilliantly portrayed, showcasing the author's skill in creating emotionally resonant storytelling.

Piper's imaginative world-building is also notable throughout the narrative. The author has managed to effortlessly create a futuristic setting that feels authentic and plausible. The planets, societies, and technological advancements are intricately detailed, making it easy for the reader to immerse themselves in this intriguing universe. The attention to detail and clear visual imagery further enhances the overall reading experience.

What sets The Keeper apart from other science fiction novels is its exploration of several thought-provoking themes, such as identity, loyalty, and the ethics of power. Piper intricately weaves these complexities into the narrative, providing ample room for self-reflection and sparking intellectual discussions. The book invites readers to question their own beliefs and ponder the consequences of certain actions, successfully elevating the story beyond mere entertainment.

Piper's writing style is smooth and engaging, allowing for a seamless reading experience. The pacing is consistently maintained, with thrilling action sequences intermingled with quieter, more introspective moments. The narrative unfolds gradually, keeping the reader engrossed till the very end. Furthermore, the author's strong command over language creates a rich and vibrant text, making it a joy to read and savor.

However, it is worth noting that some readers may find certain aspects of The Keeper predictable or reminiscent of other science fiction works. While the story offers fresh perspectives and ideas, there are moments when it treads familiar ground. Nonetheless, this does not diminish the overall impact of the novel, as Piper's storytelling prowess and character development compensate for any minor flaws.

In conclusion, The Keeper by H. Beam Piper is an absorbing science fiction novel that effortlessly transports readers to a captivating world. With its compelling protagonist, immersive world-building, and thought-provoking themes, this book is a delightful reading experience for fans of the genre. Piper's masterful storytelling and engaging writing style make The Keeper a must-read for anyone seeking a thrilling and intellectually stimulating journey through the cosmos.

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Transcriber's Note:

This etext was produced from Venture Science Fiction, July 1957. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.

[Illustration: Frontispiece]

Evil men had stolen his treasure, and Raud set out with his deer rifle and his great dog Brave to catch the thieves before they could reach the Starfolk. That the men had negatron pistols meant little Raud was the Keeper....



When he heard the deer crashing through brush and scuffling the dead leaves, he stopped and stood motionless in the path. He watched them bolt down the slope from the right and cross in front of him, wishing he had the rifle, and when the last white tail vanished in the gray brown woods he drove the spike of the ice staff into the stiffening ground and took both hands to shift the weight of the pack. If he'd had the rifle, he could have shot only one of them. As it was, they were unfrightened, and he knew where to find them in the morning.

Ahead, to the west and north, low clouds massed; the white front of the Ice Father loomed clear and sharp between them and the blue of the distant forests... Continue reading book >>

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