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The Life of Columbus From His Own Letters and Journals and Other Documents of His Time   By: (1822-1909)

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The Life of Columbus From His Own Letters and Journals and Other Documents of His Time, written by Edward Everett Hale, offers a captivating and comprehensive account of the renowned explorer's extraordinary life and expeditions. Hale's meticulous research, combined with Columbus's firsthand records, provides readers with an exceptional insight into the historic voyage that forever altered the course of world history.

Hale's writing is engaging and masterful, transporting readers back to the fascinating era in which Columbus lived. Through an assemblage of authentic documents, including personal letters and journals, the author paints a vivid and intimate portrait of the explorer's ambitious spirit and unyielding determination. The book delves deep into Columbus's journey, from its inception and his initial struggles to obtain funding, to the turbulent ocean crossings and eventual discoveries.

One of the most striking elements of this narrative is the emphasis on Columbus's unquenchable desire and unwavering belief in his mission. Hale admirably captures the explorer's indomitable spirit, portraying him as a visionary whose conviction pushed boundaries and defied conventional wisdom. Additionally, the detailing of Columbus's interactions with various European monarchs and the political intrigue of the time adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, leaving readers with a richer understanding of the challenges Columbus faced within the broader historical context.

Hale's expertise as a historian and his dedication to accuracy shine brightly throughout the book. He deftly weaves primary sources into the narrative, providing readers with a direct window into Columbus's thoughts and experiences. This approach allows for a nuanced understanding of the explorer's motivations, fears, and triumphs, fostering a deep connection between the reader and the subject matter.

Another commendable aspect is the author's ability to convey the impact of Columbus's discoveries on both the Old World and the New World. Hale explores the consequences of the encounter between Europe and the Americas, shedding light on the cultural exchanges, conquests, and conflicts that ensued. By highlighting the far-reaching implications of Columbus's voyages, the book encourages readers to contemplate the complex and often tumultuous legacy of this pivotal historical figure.

While The Life of Columbus is undoubtedly a thoroughly researched and engaging read, it is worth noting that it assumes a level of familiarity with the events and historical context of Columbus's era. As a result, readers new to the subject matter may find themselves needing additional background information to fully grasp certain nuances within the book. However, this does not detract substantially from the overall experience, as Hale's narrative remains captivating and accessible to a broad readership.

In conclusion, Edward Everett Hale's The Life of Columbus From His Own Letters and Journals and Other Documents of His Time is an illuminating and immersive exploration of Christopher Columbus's life and accomplishments. Hale's meticulous research, combined with Columbus's firsthand accounts, brings this extraordinary historical figure to life, offering readers an engaging and compelling narrative that underscores the enduring impact of Columbus's expeditions. Whether one is an avid history enthusiast or simply seeking an engrossing biography, this book is a valuable addition to anyone's library.

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[This was originally done on the 400th Anniversary of 1492, as was the great Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Interesting how our heroes have all been de canonized in the interest of Political Correctitude] Comments by Michael S. Hart


This book contains a life of Columbus, written with the hope of interesting all classes of readers.

His life has often been written, and it has sometimes been well written. The great book of our countryman, Washington Irving, is a noble model of diligent work given to a very difficult subject. And I think every person who has dealt with the life of Columbus since Irving's time, has expressed his gratitude and respect for the author.

According to the custom of biographers, in that time and since, he includes in those volumes the whole history of the West India islands, for the period after Columbus discovered them till his death. He also thinks it his duty to include much of the history of Spain and of the Spanish court. I do not myself believe that it is wise to attempt, in a book of biography, so considerable a study of the history of the time. Whether it be wise or not, I have not attempted it in this book... Continue reading book >>

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