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Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories   By: (1868-1938)

Book cover

In "Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories", Robert Herrick invites readers into a world where emotions flow like ink on paper, where love and longing intertwine to create captivating narratives.

The collection begins with a series of love letters, a masterful display of Herrick's ability to evoke raw emotions through his words. Each letter carries a unique voice, capturing the essence of different individuals and their experiences with love. From the passionate declarations to the heartbreaking goodbyes, these letters showcase Herrick's profound understanding of human connection.

Moving forward, the book ventures into various short stories that explore the complexities of relationships. Herrick deftly captures the nuances of love, covering themes of betrayal, missed opportunities, and the desire for a connection that transcends societal norms. Through his vivid storytelling, he transports readers to different settings and eras, making each story feel like a journey through time and emotions.

One standout aspect of Herrick's writing is his attention to detail. The vivid descriptions of the characters, their surroundings, and the events that unfold allow readers to fully immerse themselves in the stories. With every turn of the page, one can almost smell the fragrant blossoms, feel the warmth of a lover's touch, or taste the bittersweetness of heartache.

Another strength of "Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories" lies in Herrick's ability to depict the multi-faceted nature of love. He effortlessly explores the depths of human emotions, from the joyous elation of new love to the pangs of unrequited affections. His characters are flawed and relatable, making it easy for readers to empathize with their struggles and triumphs.

Moreover, Herrick's prose has a lyrical quality to it, weaving a poetic tapestry that adds depth and beauty to the stories. The language is elegant, and the pacing keeps readers engaged from start to finish. Each word feels purposeful and chosen with care, showcasing Herrick's mastery of the written word.

While "Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories" is undoubtedly a captivating collection, some readers may find themselves longing for a sense of resolution in certain narratives. The open-ended conclusions can be frustrating at times, leaving unanswered questions and a desire for more closure. However, this aspect also adds to the overall allure of the book, as it mirrors the unpredictable nature of love itself.

In conclusion, Robert Herrick's "Literary Love-Letters and Other Stories" is a poignant and enchanting exploration of love in all its forms. Through his lyrical prose and attention to detail, Herrick masterfully captures the myriad of emotions that arise from human connections. While some may yearn for more resolution in the narratives, the book's ability to evoke strong emotions and transport readers to different worlds makes it a worthwhile read for any lover of literary romance.

First Page:






G. H. P.




( Eastlake has renewed an episode of his past life. The formalities have been satisfied at a chance meeting, and he continues .)

... So your carnations lie over there, a bit beyond this page, in a confusion of manuscripts. Sweet source of this idle letter and gentle memento of the house on Grant Street and of you! I fancy I catch their odor before it escapes generously into the vague darkness beyond my window. They whisper: "Be tender, be frank; recall to her mind what is precious in the past. For departed delights are rosy with deceitful hopes, and a woman's heart becomes heavy with living. We are the woman you once knew, but we are much more. We have learned new secrets, new emotions, new ambitions, in love we are fuller than before." So for to morrow they will be shrivelled and lifeless I take up their message to night.

I see you now as this afternoon at the Goodriches', when you came in triumphantly to essay that hot room of empty, passive folk. Someone was singing somewhere, and we were staring at one another. There you stood at the door, placing us; the roses, scattered in plutocratic profusion, had drooped their heads to our hot faces... Continue reading book >>

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