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Lords of the North   By: (1871-1936)

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Lords of the North by Agnes C. Laut is a captivating historical novel set during a tumultuous period in North American history. Laut skillfully weaves together a tale of adventure, romance, and political intrigue that immerses readers in the world of fur traders and indigenous peoples in the late 18th century.

The story unfolds against the backdrop of the Hudson Bay Company's dominance in the fur trade, exploring the complex relationships between traders, explorers, and the indigenous communities they encounter. Laut's meticulous research shines through in her vivid descriptions of the harsh northern landscapes, the customs and traditions of the Indigenous peoples, and the volatile interplay between various European colonial powers.

The protagonist, Edward Jasper, is a charismatic and resourceful fur trader who finds himself embroiled in a web of conflicting loyalties and dangerous alliances. As Edward navigates the treacherous waters of power and ambition, his path becomes entwined with the lives of strong-willed women such as Jennie and Minnie, both of whom leave a lasting impact on his personal journey. Laut does an excellent job of developing these characters, giving them depth and complexity that adds richness to the narrative.

The book's pacing is adeptly managed, ensuring a steady stream of action and suspense throughout. From intense trading negotiations to harrowing encounters with hostile tribes, Laut skillfully creates a sense of urgency that keeps readers eagerly turning the pages. Additionally, she deftly incorporates moments of tenderness and introspection, allowing for a well-rounded exploration of her characters' inner lives.

One of the highlights of Lords of the North is Laut's ability to immerse readers in the cultural and historical context of the time period. She touches on significant events, such as the rivalry between Britain and France for dominance over North America and the repercussions it had on indigenous communities. Moreover, Laut delves into complex themes of cultural assimilation, identity, and the clash of different belief systems, offering thought-provoking insights into the challenges faced by both settlers and indigenous peoples.

While I thoroughly enjoyed Laut's narrative and her ability to bring history to life, I found the book's ending rushed and somewhat unsatisfying. It felt as though certain plot threads were left unresolved, leaving me wanting more closure for some of the characters and their storylines.

Overall, Lords of the North is a captivating historical novel that will appeal to readers who enjoy immersive storytelling and a strong sense of time and place. Agnes C. Laut's meticulous research and compelling characters make for a gripping read that sheds light on a lesser-known period in North American history. Despite a slightly abrupt ending, this book is a testament to Laut's talent as a storyteller and her dedication to portraying the complexities and challenges of the fur trade era.

First Page:







Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one thousand nine hundred, by WILLIAM BRIGGS, at the Department of Agriculture.



by A. C. LAUT]


Pioneers and their Descendants






The author desires to express thanks to pioneers and fur traders of the West for information, details and anecdotes bearing on the old life, which are herein embodied; and would also acknowledge the assistance of the history of the North West Company and manuscripts of the Bourgeois , compiled by Senator L. R. Masson; and the value of such early works as those of Dr. George Bryce, Gunn, Hargraves, Ross and others.


"The adventurous spirits, who haunted the forest and plain, grew fond of their wild life and affected a great contempt for civilization."

You boxed up, mewed up artificials, Pent in your piles of mortar and stone, Hugging your finely spun judicials, Adorning externals, externals alone, Vaunting in prideful ostentation Of the Juggernaut car, called Civilization What know ye of freedom and life and God?

Monkeys, that follow a showman's string, Know more of freedom and less of care, Cage birds, that flutter from perch to ring, Have less of worry and surer fare... Continue reading book >>

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