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Maurice Tiernay Soldier of Fortune   By: (1806-1872)

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Maurice Tiernay Soldier of Fortune, written by Charles James Lever, is a captivating historical novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the tumultuous era of the Napoleonic Wars. Set in the early 19th century, Lever skillfully weaves a tale filled with adventure, suspense, and unexpected twists that will keep readers engrossed till the very end.

The story follows the eponymous protagonist, Maurice Tiernay, a young and ambitious Irishman who finds himself caught up in the political and military conflicts of his time. From the very beginning, Lever expertly introduces us to Maurice's complex character, depicting him as an underdog with lofty aspirations and an unwavering determination to rise above his humble origins. As the narrative progresses, we witness how Maurice's life becomes entangled with notable historical figures, army officers, and various factions of society, placing him at the center of a web of political intrigue.

Lever's impeccable research and attention to detail shine through in his vivid descriptions of the war-torn landscapes, the social hierarchy, and the atmosphere of the time period. The author paints a realistic and immersive picture of the Napoleonic era and its impact on both the common people and the elite. The historical backdrop forms a rich tapestry against which the characters' stories unfold, adding depth and authenticity to the plot.

One of the novel's strongest aspects is its well-developed cast of characters. Lever crafts a diverse range of individuals, each with their own motivations, flaws, and secrets. Maurice, in particular, undergoes a remarkable transformation throughout the narrative, evolving from an ambitious but naive young man into a seasoned soldier, ultimately struggling with his own conscience as he faces moral dilemmas and personal sacrifices.

The pacing of the story is steady, with Lever strategically placing thrilling action sequences and dramatic plot twists to keep readers thoroughly engaged. Whether it's a daring escape, a tense battle scene, or an unexpected betrayal, the author ensures there is never a dull moment. This, combined with Lever's fluid and engaging writing style, makes the book a page-turner from start to finish.

However, despite the novel's many strengths, there are moments when the narrative becomes mired in excessive detail, particularly during the slower sections. While these passages may appeal to readers with a particular interest in the historical context, they could prove slightly tedious for those solely seeking fast-paced action.

Overall, Maurice Tiernay Soldier of Fortune is a compelling historical novel that successfully transports readers to a significant period in history. Charles James Lever skillfully combines historical accuracy, memorable characters, and an engaging plot to create an enthralling tale. Fans of historical fiction, especially those intrigued by the Napoleonic era, will find this book a satisfying and enjoyable read.

First Page:


By Charles James Lever

The Novels Of Charles Lever

Edited By His Daughter

Illustrations by A. D. M'Cormick


Downey And Co., Limited

12 York St. Covent Garden



'Maurice Tiernay was first published as a serial in 'The Dublin University Magazine,' commencing in the issue for April 1850, and ending in the issue for December 1851. It was first published in book form (as a volume of The Parlour Library) with the following title page (undated):

Maurice Tiernay The Soldier of Fortune By the Author of 'Sir Jasper Carew' etc. etc. I London, Thomas Hodgson, 13 Paternoster Bow.

The earliest edition which has Lever's name on the title page is one published in Leipzig in 1861. This edition has the following title page:

Maurice Tiernay the Soldier of Fortune, by Charles Lever, I Author of 'Charles O'Malley,' etc. I Copyright Edition. In two VOLUMES VOL. I. LEIPZIG BERNHARD TAUCH NITZ I 1861.


The strangeness of some of the incidents, and the rapidity with which events so remarkable succeeded each other, almost deterred the writer from ever committing them to the press; nor was it till after much consultation, and some persuasive influence on the part of friends, that he at length yielded and decided upon so doing... Continue reading book >>

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