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Memorials of the Faithful   By: (1844-1921)

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Memorials of the Faithful

by 'Abdu'l Bahá

Edition 1, (September 2006)


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There was, in the city of Najaf, among the disciples of the widely known mujtahid, Sh ay kh Murtadá, a man without likeness or peer. His name was Áqá Muhammad i Qá'iní, and later on he would receive, from the Manifestation, the title of Nabíl i Akbar.(1) This eminent soul became the leading member of the mujtahid's company of disciples. Singled out from among them all, he alone was given the rank of mujtahid for the late Sh ay kh Murtadá was never wont to confer this degree.

He excelled not only in theology but in other branches of knowledge, such as the humanities, the philosophy of the Illuminati, the teachings of the mystics and of the Sh ay kh í School. He was a universal man, in himself alone a convincing proof. When his eyes were opened to the light of Divine guidance, and he breathed in the fragrances of Heaven, he became a flame of God. Then his heart leapt within him, and in an ecstasy of joy and love, he roared out like leviathan in the deep... Continue reading book >>

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