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Miriam Monfort A Novel   By: (1816-1877)

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Miriam Monfort is a captivating novel written by Catherine A. Warfield that takes readers on a journey through 19th century Paris. The story follows the life of the intelligent and tenacious Miriam Monfort, a young woman who defies societal norms and challenges the constraints placed upon women during this era.

Warfield demonstrates a keen understanding of the historical context, transporting readers to a bustling Parisian setting. The vivid descriptions of the city's streets, art salons, and bohemian gatherings create a rich backdrop for the characters' lives to unfold. It is evident that the author has meticulously researched the time period, as every detail feels authentic and immersive.

One of the novel's strengths lies in its complex and multifaceted protagonist, Miriam Monfort. Despite the limitations imposed on women in her time, Miriam manages to navigate the world with remarkable determination and resolve. Her intelligence, wit, and unwavering dedication to her passions make her an inspiring character to follow. Miriam's journey towards self-discovery and her pursuit of her dreams is an empowering narrative for readers.

The supporting cast of characters also deserves praise for their depth and intricacy. Each individual brings their own unique voice and perspective to the story, adding layers of complexity and enhancing the overall depth of the novel. From the charming artist Paul to the enigmatic and alluring Countess Latour, the interactions and relationships between the characters are captivating and often unpredictable.

Warfield's prose is elegant and evocative, effortlessly drawing readers into the narrative. The author's attention to detail, whether it be describing the glamorous balls or the gritty alleyways of Paris, immerses readers in the story's atmosphere, making the world feel alive and authentic.

While Miriam Monfort is engaging on many levels, some readers might find the pacing a bit slow at times. The narrative spans a significant period, allowing for a deep exploration of the characters and their lives. However, this could occasionally result in moments where the plot seems to stall. Nevertheless, Warfield maintains the intrigue through her exquisite writing style and the rich development of her characters.

Miriam Monfort is a beautifully written historical novel that successfully captures the essence of 19th century Paris. It is a compelling story of a remarkable woman defying conventions and pursuing her aspirations in a time of severe restrictions. Catherine A. Warfield's meticulous research and compelling storytelling combine to create a world that is both mesmerizing and thought-provoking. Fans of historical fiction and strong female protagonists will undoubtedly find this book a fascinating and rewarding read.

First Page:

[Transcriber's note: Part III contains two chapters labeled Chapter VI.]





"Fancy, with fact, is just one fact the more."

"Let this old woe step on the stage again, Act itself o'er anew for men to judge; Not by the very sense and sight indeed, Which take at best imperfect cognizance. Since, how heart moves brain, and how both move hand, What mortal ever in entirety saw? Yet helping us to all we seem to hear, For, how else know we save by worth of word?"

BROWNING, " The Ring and the Book "



This book is dedicated to the memory of one most dear, who saw it grow to completion with pleasure and approbation, during the last happy summer of a life since darkened by misfortune. Peace be his!


"Not one friend have we here, not one true heart; We've nothing but ourselves."

"There's a dark spirit walking in our house, And swiftly will the destiny close on us. It drove me hither from my calm asylum; It lures me forward in a seraph's shape I see it near, I see it nearer floating It draws, it pulls me with a godlike power, And, lo, the abyss! and thither am I moving; I have no power within me but to move... Continue reading book >>

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