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Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants   By: (1956-)

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First Page:

This is a collection of mathematical constants...

These numbers have been downloaded from: " d.html"

An index of high precision tables of functions can be found at: ""

You can find information about some of the constants below at: ""

Thank you to Simon Plouffe (from Simon Fraser University) for his kind permission to distribute this collection of constants.


1 6/(Pi^2) to 5000 digits. 1/log(2) the inverse of the natural logarithm of 2 to 2000 places. 1/sqrt(2Pi) to 1024 digits. sum(1/2^(2^n),n=0..infinity). to 1024 digits. 3/(PiPi) to 2000 digits. arctan(1/2) to 1000 digits. The Artin's Constant = product(1 1/(p2 p),p=prime) The Backhouse constant The Berstein Constant The Catalan Constant The Champernowne Constant Copeland Erdos constant cos(1) to 15000 digits. The cube root of 3 to 2000 places. 2(1/3) to 2000 places Zeta(1,2) ot the derivative of Zeta function at 2. The Dubois Raymond constant exp(1/e) to 2000 places. Gompertz (1825) constant exp(2) to 5000 digits. exp(E) to 2000 places. exp( 1)exp( 1) to 2000 digits. The exp(gamma) to 1024 places. exp( exp(1)) to 1024 digits. exp( gamma) to 500 digits. exp( 1) = exp(Pi) to 5000 digits. exp( Pi/2) also ii to 2000 digits. exp(Pi/4) to 2000 digits. exp(Pi) Pi to 2000 digits. exp(Pi)/PiE to 1100 places. Feigenbaum reduction parameter Feigenbaum bifurcation velocity constant Fransen Robinson constant. gamma or Euler constant GAMMA(1/3) to 256 digits. GAMMA(1/4) to 512 digits. The Euler constant squared to 2000 digits. GAMMA(2/3) to 256 places gamma cubed. to 1024 digits. GAMMA(3/4) to 256 places. gamma(exp(1) to 1024 digits. 2sqrt(2) a transcendental number to 2000 digits. Si(Pi) or the Gibbs Constant to 1024 places. The Gauss Kuzmin Wirsing constant. The golden ratio : (1sqrt(5))/2 to 20000 places. The Golomb constant. Grothendieck's majorant. 1/W(1), the inverse of the omega number : W(1). Khinchin constant to 1024 digits. Landau Ramanujan constant The Lehmer constant to 1000 digits. Lemniscate constant or Gauss constant. The Lengyel constant. The Levy constant. log(10) the natural logarithm of 10 to 2000 digits. The log10 of 2 to 2000 digits. log(2), natural logarithm of 2 to 2000 places. log(2) squared to 2000 digits. log(2Pi) to 2000 places. log(3), natural logarithm of 3 to 2000 places. log(4)/log(3) to 1024 places. log(gamma) to 1024 digits. The log of the log of 2 to 2000 digits, absolute value. log(Pi) natural logarithm of Pi to 2000 places. The Madelung constant Minimal y of GAMMA(x) BesselI(1,2)/BesselI(0,2); The omega constant or W(1). 1/(one ninth constant) The Parking or Renyi constant. Pi/2sqrt(3) to 2000 digits. Piexp(1) to 2000 digits. Pi^2 to 10000 digits. The Smallest Pisot Vijayaraghavan number. arctan(1/2)/Pi, to 1024 digits. product(11/n3,n=1..infinity) exp(Pisqrt(163)), the Ramanujan number The Robbins constant Salem Constant sin(1) to 1024 digits. 2(1/4) to 1024 places. sqrt(3)/2 to 5000 digits. sum(1/binomial(2n,n),n=1..infinity) to 1024 digits. sum(1/(nbinomial(2n,n)),,n=1..infinity); to 1024 digits. sum(1/n^n,n=1..infinity); to 1024 places. The Traveling Salesman Constant The Tribonacci constant The twin primes constant. The Varga constant, the one/ninth constant Zeta(1,1/2). Zeta( 1/2) to 256 digits. Zeta(2) or Pi2/6 to 10000 places. Zeta(3) or Apery constant to 2000 places. Zeta(4) or Pi4/90 to 10000 places. Zeta(5), the sum(1/n5,n=1..infinity) to 512 digits. Zeta(7) to 512 places : sum(1/n7,n=1..infinity) Zeta(9) or sum(1/n9,n=1..infinity) The Hard hexagons Entropy Constant

1 6/(Pi^2) to 5000 digits... Continue reading book >>

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