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Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants   By: (1956-)

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In "Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants" by Simon Plouffe, readers are presented with a comprehensive collection of various mathematical constants. Plouffe, a renowned mathematician, has meticulously compiled a vast array of constants that go beyond the well-known π or e, providing a fascinating exploration into the world of numbers.

One of the book's greatest strengths is its organization. Plouffe divides the constants into different categories, allowing readers to easily navigate through the text and find specific constants of interest. From transcendental numbers to algebraic and complex constants, each section provides a brief introduction and explanation of the significance behind the numbers. This meticulous categorization ensures that readers can quickly find the information they seek and delve into the specifics they are curious about.

Additionally, Plouffe's explanations are both concise and accessible, making them suitable for readers with varying levels of mathematical background. He manages to strike a balance between rigorously explaining complex concepts and providing sufficient context for the reader. Whether you are a seasoned mathematician or a curious enthusiast, you are likely to find the content engaging and intellectually stimulating.

What sets this book apart from others in its field is the inclusion of lesser-known constants. While most readers are familiar with famous constants like Euler's number or the golden ratio, "Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants" unveils a plethora of constants that may be unknown to even the most avid math enthusiasts. From the strikingly useful to the seemingly obscure, Plouffe's inclusion of these constants broadens the readers' awareness of the mathematical world.

One notable feature of the book is the presence of practical examples and applications of these constants. Plouffe does an excellent job of highlighting how these numbers have real-world implications and are not merely theoretical entities. This aspect adds a layer of practicality to the book and makes it relevant for a broader audience beyond mathematicians.

However, it is worth noting that "Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants" might not be for everyone. For those who have little interest in mathematics, the content may seem overwhelming or esoteric. It is best suited for readers who already possess a curiosity for numbers or have a desire to deepen their understanding of the mathematical realm.

In conclusion, "Miscellaneous Mathematical Constants" by Simon Plouffe is a remarkable compilation of diverse mathematical constants that offers readers a unique perspective into the world of numbers. Plouffe's organization, accessible explanations, and inclusion of lesser-known constants make this book a valuable resource for mathematicians, students, and anyone interested in expanding their mathematical knowledge.

First Page:

This is a collection of mathematical constants...

These numbers have been downloaded from: " d.html"

An index of high precision tables of functions can be found at: ""

You can find information about some of the constants below at: ""

Thank you to Simon Plouffe (from Simon Fraser University) for his kind permission to distribute this collection of constants.


1 6/(Pi^2) to 5000 digits. 1/log(2) the inverse of the natural logarithm of 2 to 2000 places. 1/sqrt(2Pi) to 1024 digits. sum(1/2^(2^n),n=0..infinity). to 1024 digits. 3/(PiPi) to 2000 digits. arctan(1/2) to 1000 digits. The Artin's Constant = product(1 1/(p2 p),p=prime) The Backhouse constant The Berstein Constant The Catalan Constant The Champernowne Constant Copeland Erdos constant cos(1) to 15000 digits. The cube root of 3 to 2000 places. 2(1/3) to 2000 places Zeta(1,2) ot the derivative of Zeta function at 2. The Dubois Raymond constant exp(1/e) to 2000 places. Gompertz (1825) constant exp(2) to 5000 digits. exp(E) to 2000 places. exp( 1)exp( 1) to 2000 digits... Continue reading book >>

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