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The Modern Regime, Volume 1   By: (1828-1893)

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The Modern Regime, Volume 1 by Hippolyte Taine is an insightful and thought-provoking journey through the political and social landscape of 19th-century France. Taine, a renowned French philosopher and historian, provides a meticulous analysis of the workings of the Modern Regime, focusing on the catalysts and consequences of this transformative period.

Throughout the book, Taine employs a comprehensive approach to dissect the Modern Regime, incorporating a wide range of sources including historical records, political texts, and firsthand observations. His attention to detail is evident, as he meticulously traces the rise and consolidation of power under this regime, examining its influences on society, economy, and culture.

One of the most captivating aspects of Taine's work is his ability to unravel the complex interplay between political institutions, social forces, and individual motivations. He skillfully reveals the intricate web of power dynamics that shaped the Modern Regime, shedding light on the motivations and actions of the key players involved. By examining the interconnections between economic interests, political maneuvering, and societal aspirations, Taine offers a nuanced understanding of this transformative era.

Furthermore, Taine's writing style is both engaging and accessible. He presents his ideas with clarity and precision, making this book highly readable for both scholars and general readers interested in this period of history. Taine's prose is evocative, vividly painting a picture of the political struggles, social inequalities, and cultural shifts that characterized the Modern Regime.

Despite its merits, there are a few aspects of the book that may be challenging for some readers. Taine's work is highly academic, and at times, his meticulous analysis and reliance on historical evidence may be overwhelming. Additionally, the translation from the original French might occasionally result in less fluid prose, making certain sections more difficult to follow.

In conclusion, The Modern Regime, Volume 1 is an invaluable contribution to the study of 19th-century France. Taine's thorough examination and lucid insights make this book an essential resource for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of the Modern Regime. While some readers may find it dense or challenging, those willing to delve into its pages will be rewarded with a deep understanding of this fascinating period in French history.

First Page:



by Hippolyte A. Taine



BOOK FIRST. Napoleon Bonaparte.

Chapter I. Historical Importance of his Character and Genius.

Chapter II. His Ideas, Passions and Intelligence.

BOOK SECOND. Formation and Character of the New State.

Chapter I. The Institution of Government.

Chapter II. Use and Abuse of Government Services.

Chapter III. The New Government Organization.

BOOK THIRD. Object and Merits of the System.

Chapter I. Recovery of Social Order.

Chapter II. Taxation and Conscription.

Chapter III. Ambition and Self esteem.

BOOK FOURTH. Defect and Effects of the System.

Chapter I. Local Society.

Chapter II. Local society since 1830.


The following third and last part of the Origins of Contemporary France is to consist of two volumes. After the present volume, the second is to treat of the Church, the School and the Family, describe the modern milieu and note the facilities and obstacles which a society like our own encounters in this new milieu: here, the past and the present meet, and the work already done is continued by the work which is going on under our eyes. The undertaking is hazardous and more difficult than with the two preceding parts... Continue reading book >>

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