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My Aunt Margaret's Mirror   By: (1771-1832)

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In Walter Scott's mesmerizing tale, My Aunt Margaret's Mirror, the reader is transported to the late 18th century, amidst the rugged hills and mystical moors of Scotland. Set in the idyllic countryside, the story follows the journey of a young orphaned woman, Margaret, whose life takes an unexpected turn when she inherits a peculiar mirror from her deceased aunt.

Scott's narrative style effortlessly weaves together the elements of romance, mystery, and the supernatural. From the very beginning, readers are captivated by the enigma surrounding the mirror and its dark powers. As Margaret becomes entangled in the mirror's allure, the author deftly explores themes of temptation, self-discovery, and the consequences of vanity.

One of the standout qualities of Scott's writing is his ability to vividly depict the Scottish landscape, which serves as an immersive backdrop for the unfolding events. The misty lochs, ancient castles, and rugged mountains come alive through his meticulous descriptions, transporting readers to a time where myths and legends thrived.

Though the story revolves around the enchanting mirror, it is the characters who truly shine in this tale. Margaret, the central figure, is a strong and complex woman who undergoes a profound transformation throughout her journey. The author beautifully portrays her internal struggles, as well as her search for identity and purpose. Similarly, the supporting cast is impeccably developed, each possessing their own distinct personalities and motives.

Moreover, Scott expertly navigates the delicate balance between reality and the supernatural. Through eerie visions and a sense of impending doom, he creates a palpable atmosphere of foreboding. As Margaret delves deeper into the mirror's secrets, the line between fantasy and reality becomes increasingly blurred, captivating readers until the very last page.

While some might perceive the pacing of the story as slow at times, it is this deliberate tempo that allows for the gradual unfolding of the plot. The author skillfully builds tension and suspense, culminating in a satisfying climax that ties up loose ends without sacrificing the enigmatic aspects of the narrative.

Overall, My Aunt Margaret's Mirror is a mesmerizing read that transports readers to a world of enchantment and mystery. Walter Scott's masterful storytelling, combined with richly crafted characters and a captivating setting, makes for a compelling and immersive experience. Whether you are a fan of historical fiction, supernatural tales, or simply appreciate beautifully written prose, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression.

First Page:


by Sir Walter Scott

From Short Stories Published in "The Keepsake Annual" of 1828


The species of publication which has come to be generally known by the title of ANNUAL, being a miscellany of prose and verse, equipped with numerous engravings, and put forth every year about Christmas, had flourished for a long while in Germany before it was imitated in this country by an enterprising bookseller, a German by birth, Mr. Ackermann. The rapid success of his work, as is the custom of the time, gave birth to a host of rivals, and, among others, to an Annual styled The Keepsake, the first volume of which appeared in 1828, and attracted much notice, chiefly in consequence of the very uncommon splendour of its illustrative accompaniments. The expenditure which the spirited proprietors lavished on this magnificent volume is understood to have been not less than from ten to twelve thousand pounds sterling!

Various gentlemen of such literary reputation that any one might think it an honour to be associated with them had been announced as contributors to this Annual, before application was made to me to assist in it; and I accordingly placed with much pleasure at the Editor's disposal a few fragments, originally designed to have been worked into the Chronicles of the Canongate, besides a manuscript drama, the long neglected performance of my youthful days "The House of Aspen... Continue reading book >>

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