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My First Picture Book With Thirty-six Pages of Pictures Printed in Colours by Kronheim   By: (1810-1896)

Book cover

First Page:


First Picture Book.


Thirty six pages of pictures

Printed in colours by Kronheim.

London & New York: George Routledge and Sons.

Transcriber's note: The grouping of letters in the alphabet section and a few paragraph breaks have been adjusted to accomodate image placement. There were no illustrations for the letters J and X in the original.


My First Alphabet The Little Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe The Babes in the Wood Little Bo Peep The History of Five Little Pigs The History of Old Mother Goose and her Son Jack


A a B b Ark Baby C c D d Cat Dog

[Illustrations: A B C D]

E e F f Ear Fan G g H h Gate House

[Illustrations: E F G H]

I i K k Inn Key L l M m Loaf Man

[Illustrations: I K L M]

N n O o Nut Owl P p Q q Pan Queen

[Illustrations: N O P Q]

R r S s Rat Sea T t U u Tart Urn

[Illustrations: R S T U]

V v W w Vine Wall Y y Z z Yew Zebra

[Illustrations: V W Y Z]


Once on a time there was a Little Old Woman who lived in a Shoe. This shoe stood near a great forest, and was so large that it served as a house for the Old Lady and all her children, of which she had so many that she did not know what to do with them.

[Illustration: Old Woman with children and Shoe.]

But the Little Old Woman was very fond of her children, and they only thought of the best way to please her. Strong arm, the eldest, cut down trees for firewood. Peter made baskets of wicker work. Mark was chief gardener. Lizzie milked the cow, and Jenny taught the younger children to read.

Now this Little Old Woman had not always lived in a Shoe. She and her family had once dwelt in a nice house covered with ivy, and her husband was a wood cutter, like Strong arm. But there lived in a huge castle beyond the forest, a fierce giant, who one day came and laid their house in ruins with his club; after which he carried off the poor wood cutter to his castle beyond the forest. When the Little Old Woman came home, her house was in ruins and her husband was no where to be seen.

[Illustration: Giant holding Wood cutter.]

Night came on, and as the father did not return, the Old Lady and her family went to search for him. When they came to that part of the wood where the Giant had met their father, they saw an immense shoe. They spent a long time weeping and calling out for their father, but met with no reply. Then the Old Lady thought that they had better take shelter in the shoe until they could build a new house. So Peter and Strong arm put a roof to it, and cut a door, and turned it into a dwelling. Here they all lived happily for many years, but the Little Old Lady never forgot her husband and his sad fate. Strong arm, who saw how wretched his mother often was about it, proposed to the next eleven brothers that they should go with him and set their father free from the Giant. Their mother knew the Giant's strength, and would not hear of the attempt, as she feared they would be killed. But Strong arm was not afraid. He bought a dozen sharp swords, and Peter made as many strong shields and helmets, as well as cross bows and iron headed arrows. They were now quite ready; Strong arm gave the order to march, and they started for the forest. The next day they came in sight of the Giant's Castle. Strong arm, leaving his brothers in a wood close by, strode boldly up to the entrance, and seized the knocker. The door was opened by a funny little boy with a large head, who kept grinning and laughing.

[Illustration: Strong arm and Boy with Large Head.]

Strong arm then walked boldly across the court yard, and presently met a page, who took off his hat and asked him what he wanted. Strong arm said he had come to liberate his father, who was kept a prisoner by the Giant; on this the little man said he was sorry for him, because the part of the castle in which his father was kept was guarded by a large dragon... Continue reading book >>

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