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Night and Morning   By: (1803-1873)

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Night and Morning by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton is a captivating novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey through the complex world of love, betrayal, and redemption. Set in 19th-century England, this compelling story explores the intertwining lives of its characters while delving deep into themes of personal growth and the quest for happiness.

One of the highlights of Night and Morning is Bulwer-Lytton's masterful character development, which brings the book's protagonists to life with great depth and realism. The main character, Ernest Maltravers, is a complex and multi-layered individual who embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery. As readers witness his transformation, they are truly able to empathize with his struggles and triumphs.

Additionally, the novel's intricate plot keeps readers engaged from start to finish. Bulwer-Lytton skillfully weaves together various subplots, providing unexpected twists and turns that leave readers guessing until the very end. The story effortlessly shifts between moments of heart-wrenching drama and heartwarming romance, creating a perfect balance that keeps readers emotionally invested.

The exploration of societal norms and personal choices is another element that makes Night and Morning a thought-provoking read. Bulwer-Lytton skillfully addresses the constraints placed upon individuals by society, prompting readers to question the role of conformity in their own lives. Through Maltravers' journey, the author encourages readers to seek their own path and challenge the status quo, advocating for individual autonomy and self-fulfillment.

Furthermore, Bulwer-Lytton's rich and evocative prose adds a layer of beauty to the story, immersing readers in the vivid imagery of the setting and heightening the emotional impact of the narrative. The author's descriptive language paints a vivid picture of 19th-century England, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the time and place of the story.

However, one aspect that some readers may find challenging is the length and occasional verbosity of the novel. While the story is undeniably compelling, the extensive descriptions and convoluted passages may slow down the pacing for some readers. Nevertheless, for those who appreciate a more introspective and immersive reading experience, this will not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book.

In conclusion, Night and Morning by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton is a mesmerizing novel that combines compelling characters, an intricate plot, and thought-provoking themes. Its exploration of personal growth, societal constraints, and the pursuit of happiness make it a timeless tale that still resonates with readers today. With its rich prose and captivating storytelling, this novel is sure to leave a lasting impression on any reader who embarks on its pages.

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By Edward Bulwer Lytton


Much has been written by critics, especially by those in Germany (the native land of criticism), upon the important question, whether to please or to instruct should be the end of Fiction whether a moral purpose is or is not in harmony with the undidactic spirit perceptible in the higher works of the imagination. And the general result of the discussion has been in favour of those who have contended that Moral Design, rigidly so called, should be excluded from the aims of the Poet; that his Art should regard only the Beautiful, and be contented with the indirect moral tendencies, which can never fail the creation of the Beautiful. Certainly, in fiction, to interest, to please, and sportively to elevate to take man from the low passions, and the miserable troubles of life, into a higher region, to beguile weary and selfish pain, to excite a genuine sorrow at vicissitudes not his own, to raise the passions into sympathy with heroic struggles and to admit the soul into that serener atmosphere from which it rarely returns to ordinary existence, without some memory or association which ought to enlarge the domain of thought and exalt the motives of action; such, without other moral result or object, may satisfy the Poet, and constitute the highest and most universal morality he can effect... Continue reading book >>

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