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One-Shot   By: (1921-1975)

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One-Shot by James Blish is a riveting science fiction novel that takes readers on a mind-bending journey through time and space. Blish, known for his skill in combining speculative concepts with deep character development, once again captivates his audience with this thought-provoking tale.

The story revolves around a group of scientists who have discovered the ability to send individuals millions of years into the past with just a single shot. The protagonist, John Craig, a talented physicist, is tasked with undertaking this perilous journey, armed with nothing but a camera to document his findings. As he ventures back in time, he encounters various challenges, from hostile prehistoric environments to hidden dangers lurking within the fabric of time itself.

Blish masterfully crafts a narrative that effortlessly weaves together elements of adventure, mystery, and philosophical contemplation. The novel explores profound questions regarding the nature of existence, the human experience, and the potential consequences of altering time. Through Craig’s encounters with ancient civilizations and his reflections on the impact of his actions, Blish invites readers to ponder the ethical dilemmas and moral responsibilities inherent in wielding such immense power.

What sets One-Shot apart is Blish’s ability to balance intricate scientific details with an engaging plot and relatable characters. Craig’s internal struggles and personal growth make him a compelling protagonist, and readers are easily drawn into the emotional weight of his decisions. Blish also uses descriptive language to bring the different time periods to life, painting vivid scenes that transport readers and immerse them in the story.

While the book excels in its exploration of complex concepts and philosophical themes, some readers may find certain sections of the narrative overly technical. Blish’s extensive knowledge of physics is evident in the intricate explanations and discussions, which may be daunting for those less familiar with scientific jargon. However, for science fiction enthusiasts who enjoy diving into the depths of quantum theory and time travel, these sections will undoubtedly be a treat.

Overall, One-Shot is a captivating and intellectually stimulating novel that will leave readers questioning the boundaries of time and their place within it. With Blish’s deft storytelling and his ability to craft intricate characters and thought-provoking plots, this book is a must-read for any lover of science fiction.

First Page:



You can do a great deal if you have enough data, and enough time to compute on it, by logical methods. But given the situation that neither data nor time is adequate, and an answer must be produced ... what do you do?


Illustrated by van Dongen

On the day that the Polish freighter Ludmilla laid an egg in New York harbor, Abner Longmans ("One Shot") Braun was in the city going about his normal business, which was making another million dollars. As we found out later, almost nothing else was normal about that particular week end for Braun. For one thing, he had brought his family with him a complete departure from routine reflecting the unprecedentedly legitimate nature of the deals he was trying to make. From every point of view it was a bad week end for the CIA to mix into his affairs, but nobody had explained that to the master of the Ludmilla .

I had better add here that we knew nothing about this until afterward; from the point of view of the storyteller, an organization like Civilian Intelligence Associates gets to all its facts backwards, entering the tale at the pay off, working back to the hook, and winding up with a sheaf of background facts to feed into the computer for Next Time. It's rough on the various people who've tried to fictionalize what we do particularly for the lazy examples of the breed, who come to us expecting that their plotting has already been done for them but it's inherent in the way we operate, and there it is... Continue reading book >>

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