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Our Soldiers Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Victoria's Reign   By: (1814-1880)

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In "Our Soldiers: Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Victoria's Reign" by William Henry Giles Kingston, readers are tantalized with a detailed account of the heroic exploits of the British Army during the illustrious Victorian era. Delving into a topic that is deeply steeped in history, Kingston manages to captivate his audience with a meticulous narrative that offers a well-rounded understanding of the soldiers' valorous actions.

One of the most notable aspects of Kingston's work is his ability to bring to life the passionate dedication of the British soldiers. Through his vivid descriptions and astute attention to detail, he paints a picture of soldiers who are not just figures on a battlefield, but real people with emotions, dreams, and aspirations. The author's in-depth research allows readers to truly grasp the magnitude of the sacrifices made by these courageous individuals and gain profound insights into the experiences they endured.

Furthermore, Kingston skillfully places the soldiers' bravery within the broader historical context of Queen Victoria's reign. By intertwining the soldiers' stories with significant events of the era, such as the Crimean War or the Indian Rebellion, he offers a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by the British Army and the pivotal role they played in securing the glory of the empire.

The author's lucid writing style is noteworthy, as it ensures that readers without a profound knowledge of military terminology or Victorian history can still appreciate and engage with the narrative. Kingston strikes a balance between providing detailed explanations of certain historical nuances and maintaining a fluid pace, ensuring that both casual readers and history enthusiasts can indulge in the book's captivating content.

While the book generally excels in recounting the achievements of the British Army during Victoria's reign, it occasionally lacks a critical analysis of the soldiers' actions. Though Kingston glorifies their bravery, he may neglect to question the underlying motives behind certain battles or critically examine the consequences of military interventions. A more nuanced exploration of the soldiers' exploits could have provided a richer and more well-rounded perspective on the complexities of British imperialism during the time.

In conclusion, "Our Soldiers: Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Victoria's Reign" is a commendable historical account that sheds light on the remarkable valor exhibited by the British soldiers. William Henry Giles Kingston's passion for the subject matter is evident throughout the book, as he skillfully weaves together personal narratives with broader historical events. While there may be a slight lack of critical analysis, the overall experience of reading this work is both educational and inspiring, leaving readers with a profound appreciation for the courage and sacrifice of the British soldiers during an era that shaped the course of history.

First Page:

Our Soldiers; Gallant Deeds of the British Army during Queen Victoria's Reign, by W.H.G. Kingston.

A very interesting book telling us about the various deeds of the British Army throughout the reign of Queen Victoria. Most of us will be aware of nearly all of the campaigns, but that there were so many comes as a bit of a shock. Although many of the campaigns and battles were favourably completed, quite a few were not, and this also comes as a bit of a shock.

Kingston was the original author, but died many years before the end of Queen Victoria's reign, and the work was taken in hand by Mr G.A. Henty, also a prolific writer of books for teenagers. There was some evidence in the book of two or more authors being at work, by reason of different spellings for the same person or item. For instance one of the authors spelt "Gatling guns" as "Catling guns". The Ghurkas also appeared in several variants, and a character called "Soojah ul Moolk" appeared with a different spelling practically every time!

Having cleared all that out of the way, we present you with a most interesting book that we hope you will greatly enjoy reading, or just glancing through.


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