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The Path of a Star   By: (1861-1922)

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The Path of a Star by Sara Jeannette Duncan is a captivating tale that takes readers on a journey through the life of a young woman striving to find her place and purpose in a changing world. Set in the late 1800s, the novel provides a unique perspective into the challenges and complexities faced by women during a time of societal constraints.

The story revolves around Margaret Murray, a young Canadian woman with a burning passion for acting. However, societal expectations of the time deem such a pursuit inappropriate for a woman. Despite this, Margaret remains resolute, determined to follow her dreams and carve her own path in life.

Duncan's portrayal of Margaret's character is both strong and relatable. Her tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity are admirable, as she constantly fights against societal norms and the expectations of her loved ones. Through Margaret's journey, readers gain insight into the struggles and sacrifices that women had to endure in order to break free from traditional roles.

The author's writing style is both compelling and evocative, painting vivid scenes of late 19th-century Canada and England. Duncan's attention to detail, particularly in the descriptions of theatrical productions and the backstage realities of the acting world, adds depth and authenticity to the story. The dialogues are well-crafted, providing insights into the thoughts and emotions of the characters.

One of the highlights of the novel is its exploration of the relationships between the characters. The dynamics between Margaret, her family, and those she encounters along her journey are both heartfelt and complex. Duncan skillfully intertwines themes of love, friendship, and the sacrifices made in the pursuit of one's dreams, making these relationships the emotional core of the story.

Additionally, the novel addresses important themes of gender equality and the societal shackles that still hinder women's progress today. By shedding light on the challenges faced by women in the late 1800s, Duncan subtly encourages readers to reflect on the progress made in gender equality while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done.

Although the pacing of the narrative may feel slow at times, it allows readers to fully immerse themselves in the world Duncan has created. The story is not solely about Margaret's individual journey but also serves as a commentary on the societal norms and expectations that women still face today.

In conclusion, The Path of a Star is a thought-provoking and poignant novel that beautifully captures the struggles and triumphs of a young woman determined to find her way in a world that seeks to confine her. Sara Jeannette Duncan's captivating storytelling and nuanced characters make this book a compelling read for anyone interested in exploring the complexities of gender roles and the pursuit of one's dreams.

First Page:


By Mrs. Everard Cotes

(AKA Sara Jeannette Duncan)



She pushed the portiere aside with a curved hand and gracefully separated fingers; it was a staccato movement and her body followed it after an instant's poise of hesitation, head thrust a little forward, eyes inquiring and a tentative smile, although she knew precisely who was there. You would have been aware at once that she was an actress. She entered the room with a little stride and then crossed it quickly, the train of her morning gown it cried out of luxury with the cheapest voice taking folds of great audacity as she bent her face in its loose mass of hair over Laura Filbert, sitting on the edge of a bamboo sofa, and said

"You poor thing! Oh, you POOR thing!"

She took Laura's hand as she spoke, and tried to keep it; but the hand was neutral, and she let it go. "It is a hand," she said to herself, in one of those quick reflections that so often visited her ready made, "that turns the merely inquiring mind away. Nothing but feeling could hold it."

Miss Filbert made the conventional effort to rise, but it came to nothing, or to a mere embarrassed accent of their greeting. Then her voice showed this feeling to be superficial, made nothing of it, pushed it to one side.

"I suppose you cannot see the foolishness of your pity," she said... Continue reading book >>

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