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The Poems of Schiller — Second period   By: (1759-1805)

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In "The Poems of Schiller — Second period" by Friedrich Schiller, readers are presented with a collection of poetry that captures the profound emotional depths of human existence. This anthology, carefully curated by Schiller, showcases the growth and transformation of the poet's style during his second period.

One of the highlights of this collection is Schiller's masterful use of language and imagery. Each poem is imbued with a distinct lyrical quality that transports readers to a world filled with profound philosophical insights and tender emotions. Schiller's ability to convey complex ideas and intense emotions through his words is truly remarkable.

Another compelling aspect of Schiller's poetry is his exploration of universal themes. The poet delves into topics such as love, nature, and the human condition, offering readers a glimpse into the depths of these fundamental aspects of human existence. Through his thought-provoking verses, Schiller invites readers to reflect on their own experiences and contemplate the mysteries of life.

Schiller's second period is characterized by a more mature and introspective voice, as evidenced by the poems found within this collection. He demonstrates a keen awareness of the complexities of human nature, delving into the vicissitudes of love, the turbulent depths of the soul, and the fleeting beauty of existence. This evolution in Schiller's style showcases his growth as a poet and his ability to capture the essence of the human experience.

Additionally, the meticulous translation of Schiller's poetry in this edition deserves praise. The translator skillfully preserves the power and beauty of the original German verses, allowing readers to appreciate the nuances and intricacies of Schiller's poetic genius. The result is a collection that remains faithful to the essence of the poet's work, even for those who are not fluent in German.

However, despite the undeniable beauty and depth of Schiller's poetry, some readers may find themselves craving a deeper exploration of individual poems. While the collection offers a comprehensive overview of Schiller's second period, some poems are left relatively unexplored. It would have been beneficial to have accompanying analyses or commentary to aid readers in their appreciation and understanding.

Overall, "The Poems of Schiller — Second period" is a captivating collection that showcases Friedrich Schiller's talent and artistry as a poet. The depth of his insights and the beauty of his language make this anthology a valuable addition to any poetry lover's library. Whether one is familiar with Schiller's works or exploring his poetry for the first time, this collection promises to evoke a myriad of emotions and provoke deep contemplation about life's most profound questions.

First Page:


By Frederich Schiller



Joy, thou goddess, fair, immortal, Offspring of Elysium, Mad with rapture, to the portal Of thy holy fame we come! Fashion's laws, indeed, may sever, But thy magic joins again; All mankind are brethren ever 'Neath thy mild and gentle reign.

CHORUS. Welcome, all ye myriad creatures! Brethren, take the kiss of love! Yes, the starry realms above Hide a Father's smiling features!

He, that noble prize possessing He that boasts a friend that's true, He whom woman's love is blessing, Let him join the chorus too! Aye, and he who but one spirit On this earth can call his own! He who no such bliss can merit, Let him mourn his fate alone!

CHORUS. All who Nature's tribes are swelling Homage pay to sympathy; For she guides us up on high, Where the unknown has his dwelling.

From the breasts of kindly Nature All of joy imbibe the dew; Good and bad alike, each creature Would her roseate path pursue. 'Tis through her the wine cup maddens, Love and friends to man she gives! Bliss the meanest reptile gladdens, Near God's throne the cherub lives!

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