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The Point of View   By: (1843-1916)

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In "The Point of View," Henry James explores the delicate balance between perception and reality, delving into the intricacies of human relationships and the nuances of social constructs. His masterful storytelling, coupled with an insightful examination of the human psyche, makes this novel a captivating read.

James skillfully employs a unique narrative technique, presenting the story from multiple perspectives. Through this multifaceted approach, he offers readers a profound understanding of his characters' thoughts, motivations, and desires. The shifting vantage points give rise to a rich and multifarious portrayal of reality, unveiling layers of complexity that lie beneath the surface.

The author's characters are incredibly well-developed, each with their own distinct viewpoints and biases. James meticulously constructs their individuality, making them relatable and compelling. By exploring their inner worlds, he exposes the intricacies of their interpersonal dynamics, as well as the influence of societal norms and expectations.

One of the central themes in "The Point of View" is the role of perception in shaping our understanding of others. James highlights how individuals often create elaborate narratives about those around them based on limited or biased information. Through his characters, he examines the consequences of these assumptions, illustrating the potential for misunderstandings and the power of empathy in bridging the gaps between people.

Moreover, James' introspective prose is a delight to read. His meticulous attention to detail brings the settings and characters to life, immersing readers in the story's world. His careful observations and evocative descriptions enable us to experience the scenes firsthand, enhancing the overall reading experience.

While "The Point of View" is undoubtedly a thought-provoking read, it may not appeal to those seeking a fast-paced plot or action-driven narrative. Instead, the novel invites readers to engage in a deeper exploration of the human condition, prompting introspection and reflection.

In conclusion, "The Point of View" is a masterpiece of psychological fiction by Henry James. Its multi-perspective narrative, well-drawn characters, and profound exploration of perception and reality make it a must-read for those who appreciate literary works that challenge our understanding of human relationships.

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This etext was scanned by David Price, email, from the 1886 Macmillan and Co. edition. Proofing was by Christine Merriman, Judith Lando Deurvorst and Twister Dragon


by Henry James


. . . My dear child, the bromide of sodium (if that's what you call it) proved perfectly useless. I don't mean that it did me no good, but that I never had occasion to take the bottle out of my bag. It might have done wonders for me if I had needed it; but I didn't, simply because I have been a wonder myself. Will you believe that I have spent the whole voyage on deck, in the most animated conversation and exercise? Twelve times round the deck make a mile, I believe; and by this measurement I have been walking twenty miles a day. And down to every meal, if you please, where I have displayed the appetite of a fish wife. Of course the weather has been lovely; so there's no great merit. The wicked old Atlantic has been as blue as the sapphire in my only ring (a rather good one), and as smooth as the slippery floor of Madame Galopin's dining room. We have been for the last three hours in sight of land, and we are soon to enter the Bay of New York, which is said to be exquisitely beautiful... Continue reading book >>

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