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Prince Prigio From "His Own Fairy Book"   By: (1844-1912)

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Prince Prigio From "His Own Fairy Book" by Andrew Lang is a delightful and enchanting children's book that transports readers into the magical world of fairy tales and fantasy. Authored by the renowned Andrew Lang, this particular story in his collection stands out for its unique blend of humor, adventure, and valuable moral lessons.

The book follows the story of Prince Prigio, a young and mischievous prince, who possesses an extraordinary gift of foresight. Prigio can predict the outcome of any situation, and with this power, he often outwits his enemies and avoids trouble. However, his precognition also becomes a hindrance, as he grows arrogant and lazy, relying solely on his gift rather than using his abilities to their full potential.

Throughout the narrative, Lang weaves a captivating storyline filled with captivating characters and intriguing twists. The reader is introduced to a host of fascinating individuals, such as the wise fairy godmother, who aids and guides the young prince in his journey of self-discovery. Alongside these characters, Prince Prigio embarks on a series of thrilling adventures, encountering magical creatures and overcoming obstacles that test not only his physical strength but his character as well.

One of the standout aspects of this book is how Lang effortlessly integrates moral lessons within the engaging narrative. Through Prince Prigio's growth, we witness the consequences of arrogance and laziness, as well as the importance of humility, hard work, and resilience. These lessons are subtly conveyed and allow young readers to explore and reflect upon important values.

Moreover, Lang's writing style has an enchanting quality; the prose is elegant and evocative, transporting readers into a world of whimsy and wonder. The dialogue is crafted with wit and humor, engaging readers of all ages in the adventures of Prince Prigio. The descriptions of the fantastical landscapes and magical creatures are vivid, painting a vivid picture in the reader's mind and making it easy to immerse oneself in the story.

Although targeted primarily towards children, Prince Prigio From "His Own Fairy Book" is a book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Its timeless themes, engaging storytelling, and vivid imagery make it a timeless classic in the realm of children's literature. Andrew Lang's ability to educate, entertain, and captivate readers through his stories is undeniable, and Prince Prigio is a shining example of his literary prowess.

In conclusion, Prince Prigio From "His Own Fairy Book" is a must-read for both children and adults alike. Alongside its entertaining narrative, the book instills vital moral values, teaching lessons of humility, hard work, and the perils of arrogance. Combining fantastical elements with Lang's eloquent writing style, this book is a true gem in the world of children's literature.

First Page:


From "His Own Fairy Book"

By Andrew Lang


The Author of this book is also the Editor of the Blue, Red, Greenland Yellow Fairy Books. He has always felt rather an impostor, because so many children seem to think that he made up these books out of his own head. Now he only picked up a great many old fairy tales, told in French, German, Greek, Chinese, Red Indian, Russian, and other languages, and had them translated and printed, with pictures. He is glad that children like them, but he must confess that they should be grateful to old forgotten people, long ago, who first invented these tales, and who knew more about fairies than we can hope to do.

My Own Fairy Book , which you now have in your hands, was made up altogether out of his own head by the Author, of course with the help of the Historical Papers in the kingdom of Pantouflia. About that ancient kingdom very little is known. The natives speak German; but the Royal Family, as usual, was of foreign origin. Just as England has had Norman, Scottish, and, at present, a line of German monarchs, so the kings of Pantouflia are descended from an old Greek family, the Hypnotidæ, who came to Pantouflia during the Crusades. They wanted, they explained, not to be troubled with the Crusades, which they thought very injudicious and tiresome... Continue reading book >>

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