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Rada A Drama of War in One Act   By: (1880-1958)

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Rada: A Drama of War in One Act by Alfred Noyes is a compelling and impactful play that delves into the devastating consequences of war on humanity. Set amidst the backdrop of World War I, this thought-provoking piece explores the profound effects of conflict on individuals and communities alike.

Noyes masterfully captures the essence of wartime chaos and its impact on human relationships. The play centers around Rada, a passionate and idealistic young woman who embarks on a treacherous journey in search of her husband, Stephan. As Rada navigates the war-ravaged landscapes of Europe, the audience is taken on an emotional rollercoaster, experiencing the horrors of war through her eyes.

One of the most striking aspects of Noyes' work is his skillful characterization. Rada is a complex and multi-dimensional protagonist whose unwavering resilience and determination resonate deeply with readers. Through her journey, Noyes exposes the harsh realities of war, highlighting the indomitable spirit that can emerge even in the darkest of times.

The thematic exploration of love and loyalty is also a prominent feature of the play. Rada's unwavering devotion to Stephan, despite the atrocities she witnesses, serves as a symbol of hope amidst the chaos. Noyes expertly weaves this thread of love into the fabric of the story, highlighting the transformative power of human connection in the face of adversity.

Furthermore, Noyes' use of language is poetic and evocative, further enhancing the emotional impact of the play. His ability to craft vivid imagery transports the audience to the war-torn settings and creates a sense of immediacy and urgency. The play's dialogue is also particularly powerful, capturing the raw emotions and moral dilemmas faced by the characters.

However, some readers may find the brevity of Rada: A Drama of War in One Act a limitation. While the play's concise format adds to its intensity, it may leave some wanting more depth and development in terms of character arcs and plotlines. Nonetheless, Noyes' ability to convey profound themes in such a brief format is commendable.

Overall, Rada: A Drama of War in One Act is a poignant and impactful exploration of the human spirit amidst the turmoil of war. Noyes' skillful characterization, evocative language, and thought-provoking themes make this play a compelling read. It serves as a powerful reminder of the enduring resilience and capacity for love that can emerge even in the face of unimaginable horrors.

First Page:




Author of "The Wine Press," "Tales of the Mermaid Tavern," Etc.



RADA, wife of the village doctor . SUBKA, her daughter, aged twelve . ARRAM } two hostile soldiers quartered MICHAEL } in her house, in time of war . NANKO, a half witted schoolmaster .

Several soldiers.

THE SCENE is in the Balkans, in a village which has just been taken by the enemy, on Christmas Eve.


SCENE A guest chamber, the typical living room of a prosperous village doctor in the Balkans. On the left, a small window and an entrance door. On the right, a door leading into a bedroom. At the back, an open fire of logs is burning brightly. Over the fireplace is the eikonostasis, with three richly coloured and gilded eikons, the central one of the Madonna. The light, which is never allowed to go out, is burning before it. The room is lit at present only by this, the fire light, and two candles in brass candlesticks on a black wooden table under the window. Rows of porcelain plates round the walls gleam fitfully. On either side of the eikonostasis is a large chibouk, with inlaid bowl and amber mouth piece. There is a divan with scarlet rugs flung across it to the right of the fire; and there are several skins and rugs on the floor... Continue reading book >>

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