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The Redemption of David Corson   By:

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The Redemption of David Corson by Charles Frederic Goss is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged novel that explores the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the power of second chances.

The story follows David Corson, a troubled man haunted by his dark past. Once a successful lawyer, he finds himself estranged from his family, battling addiction, and living a life of despair. However, when he hits rock bottom, he encounters a series of events that force him to confront his demons and seek redemption.

Goss's storytelling skills are exceptional, as he takes readers on a gripping journey through David's life, allowing us to witness his transformation from a broken man to one seeking redemption. Through vivid descriptions and poignant dialogue, the author immerses us in David's world, showcasing the depth of his despair and the arduous path he must undertake to rebuild his life.

One of the strongest elements of this novel is the exploration of the complexities of human nature. David Corson is neither wholly good nor evil, but rather a complex character burdened by his past mistakes. Goss does an excellent job of portraying the internal struggles that David faces, which makes him relatable and engenders sympathy from the reader. The author delves into the intricacies of morality, exploring the gray areas that exist between right and wrong, and ultimately reminding us that redemption is possible for even the most flawed individuals.

Moreover, Goss masterfully intertwines themes of faith and spirituality throughout the story. While this book may appeal to readers who have faith in a higher power, it also resonates with those who question their beliefs or find solace in different forms of spirituality. The narrative gently nudges readers to contemplate the idea of redemption in their own lives, regardless of their personal beliefs or lack thereof.

Another notable aspect of this novel is how Goss highlights the importance of human connection and forgiveness. The relationships David forms with other characters are pivotal to his journey of redemption. Whether it be his encounters with strangers or the long-awaited reconciliation with his family, each connection propels David closer toward self-forgiveness and healing. These intricate relationships are portrayed with realism and sensitivity, leaving a lasting impact on both David and the reader.

While this novel excels in many areas, there were a few instances where the pacing felt slower than anticipated. Some scenes could have been condensed to maintain the story's momentum. However, the slower moments allow for reflection and introspection, adding depth to David's character and allowing readers to fully grasp the weight of his past actions.

Overall, The Redemption of David Corson is a compelling and thought-provoking tale filled with powerful messages. Goss's skillful storytelling, well-developed characters, and exploration of themes such as forgiveness and redemption make this novel a truly unforgettable reading experience. Whether you're seeking a character-driven story or pondering the meaning of redemption, this book is a poignant and worthwhile choice.

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The Bowen Merrill Company


To my friend William Harvey Anderson


I. This Other Eden II. And Satan Came Also III. The Egyptians IV. The Woman V. The Light That Lies VI. The Trail of the Serpent VII. The Chance Word VIII. A Broken Reed IX. Where Paths Converge X. A Poisoned Spring XI. The Flesh and the Devil XII. The Moth and the Flame XIII. Found Wanting XIV. Turned Tempter XV. The Snare of the Fowler XVI. The Derelicts XVII. The Shadow of Death XVIII. A Fugitive and a Vagabond XIX. Alienation XX. The Inevitable Hour XXI. A Signal in the Night XXII. Heart Hunger XXIII. Where I Might Find Him XXIV. Safe Haven XXV. The Little Lad XXVI. Out of the Shadow XXVII. If Thine Enemy Hunger XXVIII. A Man Crossed With Adversity XXIX. As a Tale That is Told XXX. Out of the Jaws of Death XXXI. The Great Refusal XXXII. The End of Exile XXXIII. A Self imposed Expiation XXXIV. Fasting in the Wilderness XXXV. A Forest Idyl XXXVI. The Supreme Test XXXVII. Paradise Regained



"This other Eden, demi paradise, this fortress built by nature... Continue reading book >>

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