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Reluctant Genius   By: (1927-2002)

Book cover

Reluctant Genius by Henry Slesar is a riveting and thought-provoking novel that captivates readers from the very first page. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this book tells the story of a truly unique and remarkable character.

The protagonist, Jacob, is a reluctant genius with an extraordinary talent. Unlike others with similar abilities, Jacob possesses an uncanny knack for solving complex problems and predicting future events. However, his hesitant disposition prevents him from fully utilizing his incredible gift, leading to a life of isolation and solitude.

Slesar masterfully crafts a detailed and authentic world, rich in vivid descriptions and intricate plotlines. The desolate landscapes and crumbling societies portrayed in the book create a palpable sense of dread and uncertainty, adding depth to the story's overall atmosphere. The author's ability to transport the reader to this dystopian future is a testament to his skill as a writer.

Despite its thrilling premise, Reluctant Genius is a character-driven novel at its core. Jacob's inner turmoil and personal journey are at the forefront of the narrative, making him a deeply relatable and intriguing protagonist. With every chapter, readers gain insight into his complex psyche and the motivations behind his choices. It is this layered characterization that brings a unique depth to the story and leaves a lasting impression.

Slesar's writing style is engaging, with a balance of suspense, introspection, and emotional depth. The book seamlessly weaves together moments of intense action with introspective reflection, keeping readers on the edge of their seats while also delving into the depths of Jacob's internal struggles. The pace is well-balanced, with moments of breathless urgency and reflection, allowing readers to fully immerse themselves in the story.

One of the highlights of Reluctant Genius is undoubtedly the exploration of themes such as identity, destiny, and the ethical responsibility that comes with great power. Through Jacob's journey, Slesar raises thought-provoking questions about the nature of talent and the choices one must make when faced with extraordinary abilities. These thematic elements add layers of complexity to the narrative and elevate it beyond a mere post-apocalyptic adventure.

While the book expertly sets up its enigmatic and mysterious premise, a slight criticism is that the ending feels slightly rushed and leaves some loose ends. However, this drawback does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the book.

In conclusion, Reluctant Genius is a fascinating and enthralling tale that will leave readers pondering the nature of power, talent, and the choices we make in a world filled with uncertainty. Slesar's masterful storytelling and compelling characters make this book a standout amongst other dystopian novels. If you're in search of a gripping and thought-provoking read, Reluctant Genius is not to be missed.

First Page:




It is said that Life crawled up from the slime of the sea bottoms and became Man because of inherent greatness bred into him before the dawn of time. But perhaps this urge was not as formless as we think.

Buos was chastising Laloi as they sped through the ionosphere of the green planet. But like the airy creature she was, Laloi ignored the criticism and rippled zephyr like through a clump of daffodils when they completed their descent.

"So pretty," she sighed. She flung her incorporeal substance around each flower, absorbing their unified beauty of scent, sight, and feel. Buos shrilled himself into a column of wind to express his displeasure at her attitude.

"Stupid, silly, shallow thing!" he said. "If the others only knew how you behaved "

"And you'll be glad to tell them, of course," she said, extending her fingers of air into the roots of the wind bent grass. She rolled across the hill ecstatically, and Buos followed in grumbling billows of energy.

"I don't carry tales," he replied, somewhat mortified. "But we're here as observers, and you insist upon making this world a plaything ..."

"I love it," she said happily. "It's so warm and green."

Buos whipped in front of her angrily. "This is an assignment," he snapped, his emotion crackling the air about him... Continue reading book >>

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