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Salted with Fire   By: (1824-1905)

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Salted with Fire by George MacDonald is a thought-provoking novel that ventures into the complex realms of morality, faith, and the human experience. Through vivid storytelling and introspective characters, MacDonald skillfully weaves a tale that truly captivates the reader's imagination.

Set in a small village, the story primarily revolves around the enigmatic character, Ranald Bannerman. As Ranald grapples with his own inner turmoil and wrestles with the questions of life's purpose and meaning, his journey becomes a metaphor for the inner struggles faced by many individuals.

Throughout the novel, MacDonald explores various themes, with the most prominent being the importance of suffering and its transformative power. He delves into the idea that pain and heartache can serve as an agent for personal growth and spiritual awakening. By painting a poignant picture of characters who confront adversity head-on, the author challenges the reader to reconsider their own perception of hardships and search for meaning within them.

MacDonald's writing style is rich and poetic, immersing readers in the atmospheric landscapes of rural Scotland. From the tranquil scenes of nature to the bustling village life, every setting is vividly described, further enhancing the reader's connection to the story and its characters.

Moreover, the characters themselves are profoundly well-crafted, each representing a different facet of the human experience. From the wise mentor figure to the conflicted antagonist, MacDonald expertly explores the complexities of human nature and the choices we make in life. The dialogue between characters is engaging, offering deep insights into their thoughts and motivations.

One aspect of the novel that might challenge some readers is its occasional theological and philosophical discussions. Salted with Fire touches upon profound ideas related to faith and morality, sometimes entering into abstract territories that may not resonate with all readers. However, the overarching themes of personal growth and finding purpose in suffering remain accessible and relatable.

In conclusion, Salted with Fire is a remarkable novel that invites readers on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. George MacDonald's masterful storytelling, combined with his exploration of profound themes, makes this book a worthy addition to any literary collection. It reminds us that even amidst the struggles and uncertainties of life, there is always the potential for transformation and redemption.

First Page:





"Whaur are ye aff til this bonny mornin', Maggie, my doo?" said the soutar, looking up from his work, and addressing his daughter as she stood in the doorway with her shoes in her hand.

"Jist ower to Stanecross, wi' yer leave, father, to speir the mistress for a goupin or twa o' chaff: yer bed aneth ye's grown unco hungry like."

"Hoot, the bed's weel eneuch, lassie!"

"Na, it's onything but weel eneuch! It's my pairt to luik efter my ain father, and see there be nae k nots aither in his bed or his parritch."

"Ye're jist yer mither owre again, my lass! Weel, I winna miss ye that sair, for the minister 'ill be in this mornin'."

"Hoo ken ye that, father?"

"We didna gree vera weel last nicht."

"I canna bide the minister argle barglin body!"

"Toots, bairn! I dinna like to hear ye speyk sae scornfulike o' the gude man that has the care o' oor sowls!"

"It wad be mair to the purpose ye had the care o' his!"

"Sae I hae: hasna ilkabody the care o' ilk ither's?"

"Ay; but he preshumes upo' 't and ye dinna; there's the differ!"

"Weel, but ye see, lassie, the man has nae insicht nane to speak o', that is; and it's pleased God to mak him a wee stoopid, and some thrawn ( twisted ). He has nae notion even o' the wark I put intil thae wee bit sheenie ( little shoes ) o' his that I'm this moment labourin ower!"

"It's sair wastit upo' him 'at caana see the thoucht intil't!"

"Is God's wark wastit upo' you and me excep' we see intil't, and un'erstan't, Maggie?"

The girl was silent... Continue reading book >>

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