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The Schoolmaster   By: (1515-1568)

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[Transcriber's Note: I have omitted signature designations, have transcribed Greek characters but not italicized them, and have expanded the usual Renaissance contractions for "m" and "n" as well as the abbreviation for Latin terminal "que"; marginalia are separated from textual line by // and a curly bracket or vertical line vertically exending over more than one line is represented by a curly bracket on each successive line. I have also closed : and ? with the word preceding.]

[Updater's note: The previous version of this file used HTML tags and entities to indicate Latin1 and Unicode characters. These have been replaced with the actual characters. Italics are now indicated with surrounding underscore characters, and superscripts with a preceding "^".]



Or plaine and perfite way of tea chyng children, to vnderstand, write, and speake, the Latin tong, but specially purposed for the priuate brynging vp of youth in Ientle men and Noble mens houses, and commodious also for all such, as haue forgot the Latin tonge, and would, by themselues, with out a Scholemaster, in short tyme, and with small paines, recouer a sufficient habilitie, to vnder stand, write, and speake Latin.

By Roger Ascham.

An. 1570.


Printed by Iohn Daye, dwelling ouer Aldersgate.

Cum Gratia & Priuilegio RegiƦ Maiestatis, per Decennium.

[page intentionally blank]

To the honorable Sir William

Cecill Knight, principall Secretarie to

the Quenes most excellent Maiestie.

SOndry and reasonable be the causes why learned men haue vsed to offer and dedicate such workes as they put abrode, to some such personage as they thinke fittest, either in respect of abilitie of defense, or skill for iugement, or priuate regard of kindenesse and dutie. Euery one of those considerations, Syr, moue me of right to offer this my late husbands M. Aschams worke vnto you. For well remembryng how much all good learnyng oweth vnto you for defense therof, as the Vniuersitie of Cambrige, of which my said late husband was a member, haue in chosing you their worthy Chaunceller acknowledged, and how happily you haue spent your time in such studies & caried the vse therof to the right ende, to the good seruice of the Quenes Maiestie and your contrey to all our benefites, thyrdly how much my sayd husband was many wayes bound vnto you, and how gladly and comfortably he vsed in hys lyfe to recognise and report your goodnesse toward hym, leauyng with me then hys poore widow and a great sort of orphanes a good comfort in the hope of your good continuance, which I haue truly found to me and myne, and therfore do duely and dayly pray for you and yours: I could not finde any man for whose name this booke was more agreable for hope [of] protection, more mete for submission to iudgement, nor more due for respect of worthynesse of your part and thankefulnesse of my husbandes and myne. Good I trust it shall do, as I am put in great hope by many very well learned that can well iudge therof. Mete therefore I compt it that such good as my husband was able to doe and leaue to the common weale, it should

174 Preface.

be receiued vnder your name, and that the world should owe thanke therof to you, to whom my husband the authour of it was for good receyued of you, most dutiefully bounden. And so besechyng you, to take on you the defense of this booke, to auaunce the good that may come of it by your allowance and furtherance to publike vse and benefite, and to accept the thankefull recognition of me and my poore children, trustyng of the continuance of your good me morie of M. Ascham and his, and dayly commen dyng the prosperous estate of you and yours to God whom you serue and whoes you are, I rest to trouble you... Continue reading book >>

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