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Show Business by Boyd Ellanby is a thought-provoking novel that takes readers deep into the captivating yet cynical world of entertainment. Set in the era of Hollywood's golden age, the story follows the life of aspiring actress Jane Cartwright as she navigates the treacherous waters of the show business industry.

What makes this book stand out is its unabashed honesty about the harsh realities behind the glamour and glitz. Ellanby expertly exposes the underbelly of the entertainment business, shedding light on the cutthroat competition, manipulation, and exploitation that often lurks beneath the surface. Through his vivid descriptions and compelling narrative, the author transports readers to an era where dreams clash with reality and innocence is quickly shattered.

The character development is one of the strongest aspects of this novel. Jane, the protagonist, is brilliantly portrayed as a resilient yet vulnerable young woman who is both driven and haunted by her dreams of stardom. The author successfully captures the volatile emotions and conflicting motivations that arise within the characters, leading us through their triumphs and heartbreaks.

The pacing of the story is meticulously crafted, pulling readers deeper into the world of Jane as she faces numerous challenges and setbacks. Ellanby effortlessly weaves together suspenseful plot twists, unexpected betrayals, and intense moments of self-discovery, capturing the essence of the entertainment industry's unpredictable nature.

Moreover, the author's writing style is captivating, with sharp dialogue and vivid descriptions that bring the characters and settings to life. The glamorous backdrop of Hollywood's heyday is skillfully juxtaposed with the gritty reality faced by those striving for success. Ellanby's prose is immersive, transporting readers into the crowded audition rooms, the lavish parties, and the dark corners of the major studios.

While the book primarily focuses on Jane's journey, it also delves into broader themes such as love, ambition, and the sacrifice required to fulfill one's dreams. The exploration of these themes adds depth to the story, making it not just a mere tale of show business but a reflection on the human condition and the price we pay for success.

In conclusion, Show Business is a captivating and raw depiction of the entertainment industry, revealing both its allure and its darker side. Boyd Ellanby's skillful storytelling, well-developed characters, and powerful exploration of thematic depth make this novel a must-read for anyone fascinated by the world of show business and the compromises one must make to survive and thrive within it.

First Page:

Here's the behind the scenes lowdown on Luna City life and a promoter of Martian dancing girls, vaudeville, and other things. But remember: stop us if you've heard this one!


By Boyd Ellanby

Illustrated by Mel Hunter

Except for old Dworken, Kotha's bar was deserted when I dropped in shortly after midnight. The ship from Earth was still two days away, and the Martian flagship would get in next morning, with seven hundred passengers for Earth on it. Dworken must have been waiting in Luna City a whole week at six thousand credits a day. That's as steep to me as it is to you, but money never seemed to worry Dworken.

He raised the heavy green lids from his protruding brown eyes as I came in. He waved his tail.

"Sit down and join me," he invited, in his guttural voice. "It is not good for a man to drink alone. But I haf no combany in dis by de gods deserted hole. A man must somet'ing be doing, what?"

I sat down in the booth across from my Venusian friend, and stared at him while he punched a new order into the drinkboard.

"For me, another shchikh ," he announced. "And for you? De same?"

Against my better judgment, for I knew I'd have plenty to do handling that mob of tourists the first crowd of the season is always the roughest tomorrow, I consented... Continue reading book >>

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