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Sinn Fein An Illumination   By:

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Sinn Fein An Illumination by P.S. O'Hegarty stands as an exceptional historical account that sheds light on a significant and complex era in Ireland's history. As an author and former Sinn Fein member, O'Hegarty presents a unique perspective, combining his personal experiences with a meticulous analysis of the political landscape that shaped the Irish nationalist movement.

In this enlightening work, O'Hegarty delves into the birth, growth, and evolution of Sinn Fein, a political party that has left an indelible mark on Ireland's struggle for independence. He carefully dissects the origins of Sinn Fein, tracing its roots back to the late 19th century and highlighting the early leaders who set the stage for its eventual prominence.

One of the book's notable features is O'Hegarty's comprehensive exploration of the motivations behind the Irish independence movement and the role of Sinn Fein within it. He expertly unravels the political attitudes, historical events, and cultural factors that merged to create a desire for Irish self-determination, providing readers with a thorough understanding of the complex web of influences that propelled Sinn Fein forward.

O'Hegarty's writing style is both engaging and scholarly, making for a captivating read even for those unfamiliar with Irish history. The author's firsthand experiences within Sinn Fein lend authenticity to his words, as he blends his personal observations seamlessly with detailed research and analysis. This mixture of personal insight and historical documentation gives readers a well-rounded perspective, allowing a deeper comprehension of the ideological struggles faced by Sinn Fein throughout its existence.

Moreover, O'Hegarty makes an effort to present a balanced account of Sinn Fein's ideology. He acknowledges the organization's successes and failures, explores the internal debates and divisions, and provides a nuanced portrayal of key figures such as Arthur Griffith and Eamon de Valera. By doing so, he ensures that readers gain a comprehensive and unbiased understanding of Sinn Fein's impact on Irish nationalism.

While this work covers a broad period of Irish history, O'Hegarty skillfully organizes his narrative, providing a clear timeline that ensures readers remain engaged and oriented. Special attention is given to key milestones, such as the 1916 Easter Rising and the subsequent Irish War of Independence, where Sinn Fein played a central role. Through his precise and detailed descriptions, the author fashions vivid images that transport readers back to these seminal moments in Irish history.

Sinn Fein An Illumination is not merely a history book, but a multidimensional exploration of a political movement that left a profound mark on Ireland. O'Hegarty's writing is characterized by both passion and expertise, making this work a must-read for anyone interested in Ireland's fight for independence, political ideologies, or the intricate roots of contemporary Irish politics. This book is a testament to the author's dedication to preserving and illuminating an important chapter in Irish history.

First Page:



THE INDESTRUCTIBLE NATION: A Survey of Irish History from the Invasion. The First Phase: The Overthrow of the Clans.

JOHN MITCHEL: An Appreciation. With some Account of Young Ireland.


ULSTER: A Brief Statement of Fact.




[Gaelic: Do Liaimín Beag Dub,

i gcuimne ar gceud casad le céile]


I was a member of the "National Council" formed in 1902 by Mr. Arthur Griffith on the occasion of the visit of the late Queen Victoria, and of the Executives of "Cumann na nGaedheal," the "Dungannon Clubs," and the "Sinn Fein League," by the fusion of which the old "Sinn Fein" organisation was formed. I was a member of the Sinn Fein Executive until 1911, and from 1903 to the present time I have been closely connected with every Irish movement of what I might call the Language Revival current. This book is therefore, so far as the matters of fact referred to therein are concerned, a book based upon personal knowledge.

My object in writing it has not been to give a history of Sinn Fein, but to give an account of its historical evolution, to place it in relation to the antecedent history of Ireland, above all to show it in its true light as an attempt, inspired by the Language revival, to place Ireland in touch with the historic Irish Nation which went down in the seventeenth century under the Penal Laws and was forced, when it emerged in the nineteenth, to reconstitute itself on the framework which had been provided for the artificial State which had been superimposed on the Irish State with the Penal Laws... Continue reading book >>

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