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Sir Brook Fossbrooke, Volume II.   By: (1806-1872)

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Sir Brook Fossbrooke, Volume II is a captivating and compelling novel written by Charles James Lever. This book is a worthy continuation of the story that was introduced in Volume I.

The author flawlessly maintains the reader's interest by skillfully developing the characters and their complex relationships. Lever's impeccable storytelling ability shines through as he weaves together a series of unexpected and thrilling events. The narrative is rich in detail, providing vivid descriptions of the settings, both rural and urban, which transport the reader to 19th-century Ireland.

One of the most impressive aspects of this novel is Lever's character development. The protagonist, Sir Brook Fossbrooke, is a multifaceted and enigmatic individual. Lever delves deeper into his past, revealing intriguing secrets and shedding light on his true nature. Throughout the story, the reader becomes emotionally invested in Sir Brook's journey, as he grapples with his past and seeks redemption. It is this emotional resonance that truly sets this book apart.

In addition to the main character, the supporting cast also shines. From the spirited and charming Letty Butler to the conniving and cunning Paul Dangerfield, each character feels authentic and well-defined. Lever masterfully orchestrates complex and believable relationships between the characters, creating a compelling web of alliances and betrayals.

Furthermore, the pacing of the novel is expertly executed. Lever maintains a steady momentum throughout the book, balancing moments of tension and suspense with moments of reflection and introspection. The result is a story that effortlessly keeps the reader engaged and eager to uncover the next twist or turn.

While the plot itself may appear straightforward at first, Lever deftly incorporates unexpected plot twists and surprises, preventing the story from becoming predictable or formulaic. This unpredictability adds a layer of excitement and intrigue, and ensures that the reader remains fully engaged until the very last page.

In terms of writing style, Lever's prose is elegant and evocative. His descriptions are vivid and transportive, making it easy for the reader to envision the sights, sounds, and emotions experienced by the characters. Additionally, his dialogue is witty and natural, bringing the characters to life and allowing their distinct personalities to shine through.

Overall, Sir Brook Fossbrooke, Volume II is a masterfully crafted and engrossing novel. Lever's impeccable storytelling, rich character development, and evocative writing style make this book a must-read for fans of historical fiction and Victorian literature. Whether you are seeking adventure, romance, or introspection, this book has it all. Charles James Lever's second volume of Sir Brook Fossbrooke is a triumph that will leave readers eagerly anticipating the next installment.

First Page:


Volume II.

By Charles James Lever,

With Illustrations By E. J. Wheeler


Little, Brown, And Company.


[Illustration: frontispiece2]


The storm raged fearfully during the night, and the sea rose to a height that made many believe some earthquake had occurred in one of the islands near. Old trees that resisted the gales of former hurricanes were uprooted, and the swollen streams tore down amongst the fallen timber, adding to the clamor of the elements and increasing the signs of desolation and ruin that abounded.

It was, as Tom called it, a "regular Levanter," one of those storms which in a brief twenty four hours can do the work of years in destruction and change.

Amongst the group of fishermen who crouched under a rock on the shore, sad predictions were uttered as to the fate of such as were at sea that night, and the disasters of bygone years were recalled, and the story of a Russian liner that was lost off Spartivento, and the Spanish admiral who was wrecked on the rocks off Melissa, were told with all the details eyewitnesses could impart to them.

"Those fellows have driven me half distracted, Lucy," said Tom, as he came in wet and dripping, "with their tales of shipwreck; and one of them declares that he saw a large paddle wheel steamer under English colors drifting to the southward this morning, perfectly helpless and unmanageable... Continue reading book >>

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