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A Smaller history of Greece   By: (1813-1893)

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from the earliest times to the Roman conquest.




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CHAPTER I . . Geography of Greece.

CHAPTER II . . Origin of the Greeks, and the Heroic Age.

CHAPTER III . . General Survey of the Greek People. National Institutions.

CHAPTER IV . . Early History of Peloponnesus and Sparta to the end of the Messenian Wars, B.C. 668.

CHAPTER V . . Early History of Athens down to the Establishment of Democracy by Clisthenes, B.C. 510.

CHAPTER VI . . The Greek Colonies.

CHAPTER VII . . The Persian Wars. From the Ionic Revolt to the Battle of Marathon, B.C. 500 490.

CHAPTER VIII . . The Persian Wars. The Battles of Thermopylae Salamis, and Plataea, B.C. 480 479.

CHAPTER IX . . From the end of the Persian Wars to the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, B.C. 479 431.

CHAPTER X . . Athens in the time of Pericles.

CHAPTER XI . . The Peloponnesian War. First Period, from the commencement of the War to the Peace of Nicias, B.C. 431 421.

CHAPTER XII . . The Peloponnesian War. Second Period, from the Peace of Nicias to the Defeat of the Athenians in Sicily, B.C. 421 413.

CHAPTER XIII . . The Peloponnesian War. Third Period, from the Sicilian Expedition to the end of the War, B.C. 413 404.

CHAPTER XIV . . The Thiry Tyrants, and the death of Socrates, B.C. 404 399.

CHAPTER XV . . The Expedition of the Greeks under Cyrus, and Retreat of the Ten Thousand, B.C. 401 400.

CHAPTER XVI . . The Supremacy of Sparta, B.C. 404 371.

CHAPTER XVII . . The Supremacy of Thebes, B.C. 371 361.

CHAPTER XVIII . . History of the Sicilian Greeks from the Destruction of the Athenian Armament to the Death of Timoleon.

CHAPTER XIX . . Phillip of Macedon, B.C. 359 336.

CHAPTER XX . . Alexander the Great, B.C. 336 323.

CHAPTER XXI . . From the Death of Alexander the Great to the Conquest of Greece by the Romans, B.C. 323 146.

CHAPTER XXII . . Sketch of the History of Greek Literature from the Earliest Times to the Reign of Alexander the Great.



Greece is the southern portion of a great peninsula of Europe, washed on three sides by the Mediterranean Sea. It is bounded on the north by the Cambunian mountains, which separate it from Macedonia. It extends from the fortieth degree of latitude to the thirty sixth, its greatest length being not more than 250 English miles, and its greatest breadth only 180. Its surface is considerably less than that of Portugal. This small area was divided among a number of independent states, many of them containing a territory of only a few square miles, and none of them larger than an English county. But the heroism and genius of the Greeks have given an interest to the insignificant spot of earth bearing their name, which the vastest empires have never equalled.

The name of Greece was not used by the inhabitants of the country. They called their land HELLAS, and themselves HELLENES. At first the word HELLAS signified only a small district in Thessaly, from which the Hellenes gradually spread over the whole country. The names of GREECE and GREEKS come to us from the Romans, who gave the name of GRAECIA to the country and of GRAECI to the inhabitants... Continue reading book >>

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