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The Spirit Proper to the Times A Sermon preached in King's Chapel, Boston, Sunday, May 12, 1861   By: (1794-1874)

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In The Spirit Proper to the Times, James Walker delivers a mesmerizing sermon, preaching to the congregation of King's Chapel in Boston on a crucial day in history—Sunday, May 12, 1861. With the United States on the brink of a bloody civil war, Walker's words encapsulate the collective consciousness of a nation divided.

Walker possesses an undeniable eloquence that captivates readers from the very first page. His ability to effectively convey complex themes, all while remaining accessible to a wide audience, is truly remarkable. The sermon acts not only as a guide for navigating the tumultuous times but also as a historical document that sheds light on the moral and political dilemmas of the era.

The book explores the multifaceted nature of the spirit that prevailed during the early years of the American Civil War. Walker delves deep into the hearts of his listeners, urging them to reflect on their duty as citizens and as Christians. He addresses the moral aspects of the conflict, highlighting the immense challenges faced and emphasizing the importance of resilience, compassion, and unity.

One of the most striking aspects of Walker's sermon is his incorporation of historical context. By weaving together biblical references, literary allusions, and contemporary events, he creates a rich tapestry of knowledge that enriches his message. His use of the language of the time reflects the spirit of the era, transporting readers back to a time of great uncertainty and upheaval.

Despite the nearly 160-year gap since its original delivery, The Spirit Proper to the Times retains its relevance to this day. Walker's words of wisdom continue to resonate, serving as a reminder that the trials faced by our nation in the past should guide our actions in the present. This testament to the enduring power of spiritual guidance in turbulent times offers solace and inspiration to readers seeking guidance in an ever-changing world.

While some critics may argue that the sermon lacks a clear focus or concrete solutions to the problems faced, it is important to consider the context in which it was delivered. Walker's intent was not to provide a roadmap to resolution but to inspire introspection and empathy. By encouraging listeners to embody the spirit of tolerance and unity, he reminds us that the true path to progress lies in understanding and compassion.

In conclusion, The Spirit Proper to the Times is a timeless piece that masterfully captures the essence of a pivotal period in American history. James Walker skillfully addresses the moral, political, and spiritual complexities of the era, inviting readers to reflect on their own role in shaping society. This thought-provoking and eloquent sermon will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on those who dare to immerse themselves in its pages.

First Page:

The Spirit Proper to the Times.



SUNDAY, MAY 12, 1861.






"With such sacrifices God is well pleased." Hebrews xiii. 16.

I am to speak of public spirit, as manifested in a willingness to make sacrifices for the public good.

The necessity for making sacrifices would seem to be founded in this: as we cannot have every thing, we must be willing to sacrifice some things in order to obtain or secure others. Wicked men recognize and act upon this principle. Can you not recall more than one person in your own circle of acquaintances who is sacrificing his health, his good name, his domestic comfort, to vicious indulgences? Worldly people recognize and act upon this principle. Look at that miser: he is hoarding up his thousands and his tens of thousands, but in order to do so, is he not sacrificing every thing which makes life worth having? It is a mistake to suppose that religion, or morality, or the public necessities, ever call upon us to make greater sacrifices than those which men are continually making to sin and the world, to fashion and fame, to "the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life... Continue reading book >>

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