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Stonehenge Today and Yesterday   By:

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Stonehenge Today and Yesterday by Frank Stevens takes readers on an engaging and comprehensive exploration of one of the world's most mysterious and iconic ancient structures. Throughout the book, Stevens delves into the rich history, archeological studies, and current research surrounding Stonehenge, offering readers a remarkable insight into its past and present significance.

From the very beginning, the author's passion and expertise shine through, captivating readers with his precise and articulate writing style. Stevens expertly combines factual information with anecdotes and personal experiences, resulting in a narrative that is both informative and enjoyable to read. His meticulous research is evident as he presents a wide range of theories and perspectives, ensuring a well-rounded exploration of Stonehenge.

What sets this book apart is Stevens' ability to paint a vivid picture of Stonehenge's evolution over thousands of years. He brings to life the ancient civilizations, rituals, and myths surrounding the monument, allowing readers to truly comprehend its historical context. Furthermore, the author seamlessly transitions between the past and present, highlighting the ongoing efforts to preserve and study Stonehenge in modern times.

One of the book's strongest aspects is its stunning visual content. Throughout the pages, readers are treated to a plethora of high-quality photographs, illustrations, and maps that enhance the understanding of Stonehenge's intricate features and surrounding landscape. These visuals not only complement the text but also help to convey the grandeur and scale of the monument, making it feel tangible and immediate.

Stevens does an excellent job of addressing the numerous theories and controversies surrounding Stonehenge, without favoring one explanation over another. He presents different hypotheses, allowing readers to form their own conclusions based on the evidence at hand. This balanced approach adds an element of intrigue, keeping readers engaged and eager to learn more.

While the book excels in providing a comprehensive overview of Stonehenge, at times, the sheer amount of information can be overwhelming. The inclusion of detailed archeological data and technical descriptions may potentially deter casual readers seeking a lighter introduction to the subject. However, for those with a deeper interest in archeology, history, and the mysteries of ancient civilizations, this book is an invaluable resource.

All in all, Stonehenge Today and Yesterday is a must-read for anyone fascinated by this enigmatic monument. Frank Stevens's thorough research, engaging writing style, and visually captivating content combine to create an informative and compelling account of Stonehenge's past and present. This book not only sheds light on the monument's historical significance but also inspires readers to appreciate and preserve the wonders of the world's ancient heritage.

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[Illustration: Stonehenge as it probably was. Plan & Bird'seye View.]




Curator of the Salisbury Museum with Plans and Illustrations by



LONDON: Sampson Low, Marston & Co. Ltd Price 1s net 1916.


The interest that has always attached itself to Stonehenge has, without doubt, been in a great measure due to the mystery as to the origin of this unique monument of bygone time. But the careful investigations carried out by the modern school of arch├Žologists, as instanced in the work of General Pitt Rivers, Mr... Continue reading book >>

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