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The Talkative Wig   By: (1787-1860)

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Eliza Lee Cabot Follen's "The Talkative Wig" is an enchanting and whimsical tale that will captivate readers of all ages. Set in a small town filled with lively characters, the story unfolds with delightful surprises that blend humor, adventure, and valuable life lessons.

The protagonist, Martha, stumbles upon a magical wig that can talk, and her world is forever changed. As Martha embarks on a series of escapades with her newfound companion, readers are taken on a journey where imagination meets reality, and the power of friendship is gradually revealed.

Follen's storytelling prowess shines through in every chapter. Her use of vivid descriptions and colorful language paints a vivid picture, effectively bringing the characters and settings to life. The town of Willowdale becomes a character in its own right, with charming details that make it feel like a place we have known all our lives.

One of the book's remarkable aspects is how Follen seamlessly weaves important life lessons into the narrative. Through Martha's interactions with the talkative wig, readers learn about the significance of listening, communication, and the importance of finding one's voice. Follen masterfully handles these themes, ensuring they are relatable and understandable for young readers while still resonating with adults.

The characters are beautifully sketched out, each with their own distinct personalities and quirks. From the witty and mischievous talking wig to the kind-hearted but sometimes stubborn Martha, readers will find themselves growing fond of these characters and cheering them on throughout their adventures.

"The Talkative Wig" also offers a lovely blend of light-hearted humor and moments of introspection. Follen expertly balances amusing scenes that will have readers chuckling with instances of heartfelt reflection, adding depth to the overall storytelling.

However, one minor critique is that the pacing occasionally falters, with some scenes feeling too rushed while others linger longer than necessary. This slight inconsistency interrupts the flow of the narrative, but it does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the story.

In conclusion, Eliza Lee Cabot Follen's "The Talkative Wig" is a captivating and delightful read. With its imaginative plot, well-developed characters, and important life lessons, this book is a treasure for readers of all ages. Follen's storytelling prowess ensures that once you pick up this book, you will find it challenging to put it down until the very last page.

First Page:




With Illustrations by Billings and others


"Pray, dear Mother," said the boys, "tell us what else you heard in the old garret."

"You know," said she, "it was on a rainy Sunday when my mother sent me up there with my book, Pilgrim's Progress. This book always delighted me, and set my fancy to work in some way or other.

After reading a while, I began to look at the queer old things in the garret. Pussy began to purr louder and louder, and at last I fell again into the same dreamy sleep that I was in at first.

Presently I heard the same confused sound which I heard before when the old tenants of the garret began to speak. There seemed also to be a slight motion among them, and a sort of mysterious appearance came over the whole apartment, as if they were all living, though very shadowy beings. Presently I heard the creak of the curling tongs, and he uttered these words:

"I think we have all been wronged by our friend the wig; he approved of our all relating our own histories, and promised that, after we had done so, he would give us his, frankly and truly, as we have done; instead of that he, as well as the rest of us, fell asleep when our friend spinning wheel related her story; and, when we all waked up, he did not fulfil his promise... Continue reading book >>

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