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Thaumaturgia   By:

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In "Thaumaturgia," author An Oxonian weaves a compelling tale that skillfully combines elements of fantasy and mystery. Set in a seemingly ordinary town, the book transports readers into a world where magic and the mundane coexist, subtly blurring the boundaries between the two.

The story follows the protagonist, a young and enigmatic magician named Lucius, who finds himself caught in a web of ancient spells and supernatural secrets. Oxonian's writing style effortlessly draws readers into Lucius's world, painting vivid descriptions that ignite the imagination. From the bustling marketplaces to hidden underground lairs, the author's attention to detail creates a richly textured setting that readers can easily lose themselves in.

The characters in "Thaumaturgia" are equally captivating. Lucius, with his enigmatic past and conflicted nature, becomes a figure of intrigue, constantly questioning his own abilities and purpose. Oxonian develops Lucius's character with depth, showcasing his vulnerabilities and strengths, and allowing readers to form a genuine connection with him.

The plot is intricately crafted, skillfully balancing the tantalizing allure of magic with the art of deduction. As Lucius delves deeper into the mysteries that surround him, the narrative unfolds at a steady pace, offering unexpected twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Oxonian's ability to blend the fantastical with the logical is commendable, making "Thaumaturgia" not only a gripping read but also intellectually stimulating.

One aspect that sets "Thaumaturgia" apart is Oxonian's masterful exploration of the moral ambiguities of magic. Through Lucius's internal struggle with power and its consequences, the author delves into thought-provoking themes of ethics and responsibility. This enigmatic duality lends the story depth and sparks contemplation on the fine line between good and evil.

However, despite these strengths, the book does suffer from a few minor flaws. The pacing occasionally dips, with some chapters meandering aimlessly without significant advancement of the plot. Additionally, certain characters could have been further developed to enrich the overall narrative.

Nevertheless, "Thaumaturgia" is a captivating and spellbinding read. Oxonian's intricate world-building, compelling characters, and thought-provoking exploration of magic and morality make this book a delightful choice for fans of the fantasy genre. With its balanced blend of mystery and enchantment, "Thaumaturgia" is sure to leave readers eagerly anticipating the author's next venture into the mystical realms.

First Page:







"Bombastes kept the devil's bird, Shut in the pommel of his sword, And taught him all the cunning pranks, Of past and future mountebanks." Hudibras .



Demonology The Devil, a most unaccountable personage Who is he? His predilection for old women Traditions concerning evil spirits &c.


Magic and Magical rites.

Jewish magi.


On the several kinds of magic.

Augury, or divinations drawn from the flight and feeding of birds.

Aruspices, or divinations drawn from brute or human sacrifices.

Divisions of divination by the ancients prodigies, etc.


History of Oracles The principal oracles of antiquity.

The oracle of Jupiter Hammon. The oracle of Delphos, or Pythian Apollo.

Ceremonies practised on consulting oracles.

Oracles often equivocal and obscure.

Urim and Thummim.

Reputation of oracles, how lost.

Cessation of oracles.

Had demons any share in the oracles?

Of oracles, the artifices of priests of false divinities.


The British Druids, or magi Origin of fairies Ancient superstitions Their skill in medicine, etc.

The British magi.


Aesculapian mysteries, etc... Continue reading book >>

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