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Time Fuze   By: (1927-1987)

Book cover

Time Fuze by Randall Garrett is an exceptional science fiction novel that takes readers on an exhilarating journey through time and space. With a captivating plot and well-developed characters, this book will certainly leave a lasting impression.

The story follows the adventures of Dr. Thomas Stratton, a brilliant physicist who unintentionally discovers a ground-breaking invention known as the time fuze. This device has the power to manipulate time and allows its possessor to visit any era in history. However, as Stratton soon discovers, wielding such power comes with great risks and consequences.

Garrett's writing style is undoubtedly one of the strongest aspects of this novel. His attention to detail and ability to create vivid imagery truly immerse readers in the world he has created. From ancient Rome to medieval Europe, every historical period is beautifully described, making the setting feel incredibly authentic. Moreover, the author's meticulous research ensures that the historical events and cultural aspects are accurately depicted, enhancing the overall reading experience.

The characters in this book are multifaceted and well-rounded. Dr. Stratton is a relatable protagonist whose passion for his work is tangible. His moral dilemmas and internal conflicts add depth to his character, making readers genuinely care about his journey. The supporting characters, such as Stratton's loyal assistant and a mysterious femme fatale, bring further intrigue and complexity to the narrative.

What sets Time Fuze apart from other time-travel novels is its intricate plot. Garrett skillfully weaves together different timelines and historical events, creating a cohesive and engaging story. The pacing is just right, with plenty of suspenseful moments and unexpected twists to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The author's ability to seamlessly blend science fiction with historical fiction is commendable, resulting in a truly unique reading experience.

One minor criticism of Time Fuze is that at times, the scientific explanations of time travel can become slightly convoluted. However, this does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the story. Furthermore, the book's ending leaves room for interpretation, which some readers may find frustrating. Nevertheless, this ambiguity adds to the novel's thought-provoking nature.

Overall, Time Fuze is a brilliant blend of science fiction and historical fiction, captivating readers with its intricate plot, well-developed characters, and immersive world-building. Randall Garrett's writing style is superb, transporting readers through time and space with eloquence and precision. If you are a fan of time-travel stories or enjoy thought-provoking narratives, this book is an absolute must-read.

First Page:

The ultradrive had just one slight drawback: it set up a shock wave that made suns explode. Which made the problem of getting back home a delicate one indeed....


Time Fuze

By Randall Garrett

Illustrated by Paul Orban

Commander Benedict kept his eyes on the rear plate as he activated the intercom. "All right, cut the power. We ought to be safe enough here."

As he released the intercom, Dr. Leicher, of the astronomical staff, stepped up to his side. "Perfectly safe," he nodded, "although even at this distance a star going nova ought to be quite a display."

Benedict didn't shift his gaze from the plate. "Do you have your instruments set up?"

"Not quite. But we have plenty of time. The light won't reach us for several hours yet. Remember, we were outracing it at ten lights."

The commander finally turned, slowly letting his breath out in a soft sigh. "Dr. Leicher, I would say that this is just about the foulest coincidence that could happen to the first interstellar vessel ever to leave the Solar System."

Leicher shrugged. "In one way of thinking, yes. It is certainly true that we will never know, now, whether Alpha Centauri A ever had any planets. But, in another way, it is extremely fortunate that we should be so near a stellar explosion because of the wealth of scientific information we can obtain... Continue reading book >>

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