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Tristram and Iseult & Sohrab and Rustum

Tristram and Iseult & Sohrab and Rustum by Matthew Arnold
By: (1822-1888)

Tristram and Iseult & Sohrab and Rustum by Matthew Arnold is a captivating collection of two epic poems that transport readers to the medieval world of knights, love, and honor. The first poem follows the tragic love story of Tristram and Iseult, while the second poem tells the tale of the epic battle between Sohrab and Rustum.

Arnold's powerful and evocative language brings these legendary characters to life, capturing the reader's imagination with vivid descriptions and emotive storytelling. The complex characters in both poems are flawlessly portrayed, adding depth and emotion to the already compelling narratives.

What sets Arnold's poems apart is his ability to seamlessly blend themes of love, honor, and fate with thrilling action and suspense. The poems are not only engaging and entertaining but also thought-provoking, prompting readers to reflect on the timeless themes of love, loyalty, and destiny.

Overall, Tristram and Iseult & Sohrab and Rustum is a masterfully crafted collection of poems that will resonate with readers of all ages. Arnold's skillful storytelling and rich imagery make this book a must-read for anyone who enjoys epic tales of love, honor, and courage.

Book Description:
Tristram & Iseult is a narrative poem containing strong romantic and tragic themes: and was first published in 1852 by Matthew Arnold. This poem draws upon the Tristram and Iseult legends: which were popular with contemporary readers.

The poem opens with Tristram upon his deathbed. The monologue of the dying man is shot through with sharp pangs of regret: centering upon his induced passion for Iseult of Ireland - inflamed by his unwittingly imbibing an irresistible love-potion.

Before his decease, Tristram's lawful wife - Iseult of Ireland - arrives in time to share his deathbed. Iseult of Brittany graciously accedes to their request to be buried near each other - in a splendidly-constructed mausoleum.

Iseult of Brittany survives to raise Tristram's children in isolation. She forgives Tristram his adultery, and with delightful pathos remains thankful for the short years of happiness that she spent espoused to one of King Arthur's best knights.

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