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Troublous Times in Canada A History of the Fenian Raids of 1866 and 1870   By: (1846-1922)

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In Troublous Times in Canada, John A. MacDonald takes readers on a captivating journey through the tumultuous periods of the Fenian Raids in 1866 and 1870. With a writing style that is both informative and engaging, MacDonald brings these significant events in Canadian history to life.

The book delves into the complex political and social landscape of Canada during this time, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors that fueled the Fenian Raids. MacDonald meticulously uncovers the motivations behind the attacks, portraying them as more than mere sporadic acts of violence. He explores the intricate relationships between Canada, the United States, and Ireland, shedding light on the political machinations that influenced these turbulent years.

MacDonald's research is impeccable, and his attention to detail is evident throughout the book. As a historian, he skillfully sifts through a vast array of primary sources, including official documents, newspaper articles, and personal accounts, to construct a well-rounded narrative of the Fenian Raids. By utilizing these sources, he offers readers a firsthand glimpse into the thoughts, fears, and experiences of those involved in the conflicts.

One aspect that stands out in MacDonald's work is his ability to chronicle the military operations with great precision. His vivid descriptions transport readers onto the battlefields, enabling them to witness the clashes between the Fenians and the Canadian authorities. From the initial raid at Fort Erie to the decisive Battle of Ridgeway, MacDonald brings a dramatic edge to the historical events, captivating readers with the intensity of the conflicts.

Moreover, Troublous Times in Canada examines the broader implications of the Fenian Raids beyond the immediate military confrontations. By delving into the political consequences, MacDonald demonstrates how these events influenced the development of Canadian nationalism and its relationship with the British Empire. He explores the impact on public opinion, the debates surrounding Canadian confederation, and the strengthening of the Canadian military in response to the Fenian threat.

The book's only potential drawback is its density, as the intricate political and military details may overwhelm casual readers. However, for history enthusiasts and scholars alike, Troublous Times in Canada offers a rich and captivating account of a significant yet often overlooked chapter in Canadian history. MacDonald's thorough analysis and engaging storytelling make this book an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Fenian Raids and their lasting impact on Canada.

Overall, Troublous Times in Canada masterfully chronicles the Fenian Raids, diving into the intricacies of the conflicts and their broader historical significance. John A. MacDonald's extensive research and compelling narrative style create a compelling and enlightening read for anyone interested in Canadian history or military conflicts of the 19th century.

First Page:



BY CAPT. JOHN A. MACDONALD (A Veteran of 1866 and 1870)

Troublous Times in Canada.



CHAPTER I. Unhappy, Ireland Seething in Sedition The Fenian Brotherhood Hatching the Plot The Movement of '65 A Split in the Fenian Camp.

CHAPTER II. The Fenian Convention at Cincinnati The Birth of the Irish Republic "On to Canada" Gen. Sweeny's Programme.

CHAPTER III. The First Alarm Canadian Volunteers Promptly Respond to the Call of Duty The Campo Bello Fizzle Fenians Gather on the Border Operations on the Niagara Frontier.

CHAPTER IV. The Landing in Canada Preliminary Operations of the Fenian Forces Near Fort Erie Advance into the Interior.

CHAPTER V. The Second Alarm Grand Uprising of the Canadian People Departure of Troops for the Front Gen. Napier's Plan of Campaign List of the Various Corps Called out for Active Service.

CHAPTER VI. The Battle of Ridgeway A Baptism of Fire and Blood for the Canadian Troops Splendid Coolness and Heroic Courage of the Volunteers at the Beginning of the Fight Ends in Disaster The Honor Roll Incidents of the Fight Public Funerals for the Dead.

CHAPTER VII. The Expedition on the Steamer "W. T. Robb" Fierce Fight at Fort Erie Stiff Resistance of a Gallant Band of Canadians Against a Fenian Force Ten Times Their Number List of the Wounded and Captured... Continue reading book >>

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