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The Untouchable   By: (1937-)

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The Untouchable by Stephen A. Kallis is a fascinating and thought-provoking novel that delves into the dark world of organized crime. Set in the gritty underbelly of a sprawling city, the story follows the life of a ruthless mobster named Jack Daniels.

Kallis masterfully paints a picture of a complex character, showcasing the duality of Jack's nature. On one hand, he is a cold-blooded killer, capable of the most heinous acts. Yet, at the same time, he possesses a tortured soul, haunted by the demons of his past. This compelling dichotomy adds depth and layers to the novel, making Jack an unforgettable protagonist.

The author's writing style is captivating, with a keen eye for vivid descriptions that immerse the reader in the story. From the dimly lit streets to smoke-filled bars, every scene is skillfully crafted, transporting us into the dangerous world of Jack Daniels. The suspenseful plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats, as they are taken on a rollercoaster ride of unexpected twists and turns.

One of the most impressive aspects of The Untouchable is Kallis' ability to explore themes of loyalty and redemption. Through Jack's relationships with his closest confidants, the author delves into the intricacies of friendship and the lengths one will go to protect those they love. This exploration of human connection adds a layer of emotional depth to the fast-paced narrative.

While The Untouchable is primarily a crime thriller, it also offers social commentary on the nature of power and corruption. Kallis seamlessly weaves in elements of political intrigue, shining a light on the murky alliances between the criminal underworld and those in positions of authority. This thought-provoking aspect of the novel raises questions about the true nature of justice in a world riddled with corruption.

Although The Untouchable is a highly engrossing read, it does feature graphic violence and explicit language, which may not be suitable for all readers. However, those who enjoy gritty and realistic portrayals of the criminal underworld will find themselves captivated by Kallis' prose.

In conclusion, The Untouchable is a must-read for fans of crime fiction. Stephen A. Kallis' masterful storytelling and complex characters make for an enthralling and unforgettable reading experience. This novel serves as a reminder that even in the darkest corners of society, there is room for redemption and the pursuit of a better life.

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Transcriber's note: This story was published in Analog, December 1960. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.




Illustrated by Douglas

"You can see it you can watch it but mustn't touch!" And what could possibly be more frustrating ... when you need, most violently, to get your hands on it for just one second....

The man finally entered the office of General George Garvers. As the door closed behind him, he saw the general, who sprang from his chair to greet him.

"Max! You finally came."

"Got here as soon as I could. I wager half my time was taken up by the security check points. You are certainly isolated in here."

"All of that," agreed the general. "Have a seat, won't you?" he asked, indicating a chair... Continue reading book >>

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