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War Poetry of the South   By:

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War Poetry of the South is a remarkable anthology that offers a poignant glimpse into the hearts and minds of soldiers who fought in the American Civil War. Compiled and edited by an array of talented poets, this collection showcases the emotional landscape of war, capturing both the brutal reality and the profound impact it had on those who experienced it firsthand.

From the opening lines of the first poem, readers are transported to a time of conflict, as vivid descriptions and powerful imagery paint a chilling backdrop against which the poems unfold. Each piece is a testament to the resilience and courage of the Southern soldiers, as they grapple with the horrors of war while simultaneously seeking solace in the power of verse.

Through a myriad of poetic styles and perspectives, the anthology delves deep into the themes that are inherent to war. Love, loss, camaraderie, and patriotism are all explored with raw intensity, leaving a lasting impression on the reader. The poets skillfully navigate the often contradictory emotions that arise amidst conflict, presenting a nuanced portrayal of the war experience.

One notable strength of this anthology lies in its ability to weave together accounts from a diverse range of voices. The inclusion of poems by soldiers, nurses, and civilians creates a multifaceted narrative that adds depth and authenticity to the collection. These varying perspectives offer unique insights into the impact of war on different segments of society, broadening our understanding of the human experience in times of conflict.

The lyrical quality of the poetry is exceptional, capturing the rhythm and essence of Southern dialects and regional nuances. The poignant use of language and vivid imagery paints a vivid picture of the South and its people, immersing readers in a time and place long gone. The poems evoke a profound sense of nostalgia, allowing the reader to empathize with the soldiers' longing for home and the innocence of a bygone era.

In addition to the beauty of the language, the anthology also tackles difficult themes and poses thought-provoking questions about the nature of war itself. These contemplations add depth and intellectual weight to the collection, elevating it beyond a simple compilation of poems. The power of poetry to illuminate the darkest corners of human experience is fully showcased, leaving a lasting impact on the reader's psyche.

Overall, War Poetry of the South is an extraordinary anthology that serves as both a historical record and a testament to the enduring power of poetry. It offers a rare glimpse into the emotional landscapes of those who fought in the Civil War, capturing the essence of their experiences in beautifully crafted verses. This collection is a must-read for both lovers of history and poetry alike, providing a profound understanding of the human condition in times of war.

First Page:


Edited By

William Gilmore Simms, LL. D.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1866, By RICHARDSON & CO.

In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

Press of Geo. C. Rand & Avery, 540 Broadway.


The Women of the South

I Inscribe This Volume

They have lost a cause, but they have made a triumph! They have shown themselves worthy of any manhood; and will leave a record which shall survive all the caprices of time. They have proved themselves worthy of the best womanhood, and, in their posterity, will leave no race which shall be unworthy of the cause which is lost, or of the mothers, sisters and wives, who have taught such noble lessons of virtuous effort, and womanly endurance.



Several considerations have prompted the editor of this volume in the compilation of its pages. It constitutes a contribution to the national literature which is assumed to be not unworthy of it, and which is otherwise valuable as illustrating the degree of mental and art development which has been made, in a large section of the country, under circumstances greatly calculated to stimulate talent and provoke expression, through the higher utterances of passion and imagination... Continue reading book >>

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