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What Timmy Did   By: (1868-1947)

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Marie Belloc Lowndes' novel, What Timmy Did, is a compelling and thought-provoking exploration of the human psyche and the impact of childhood experiences on adult behavior. The author's insightful narrative delves into the dark undercurrents of family life and unravels the deeply rooted secrets that can shape an individual's entire existence.

The story revolves around Timmy, a young boy who witnesses a horrifying incident early in his life. The traumatic event leaves an indelible mark on his psyche, altering the course of his relationships and ultimately, his own understanding of the world. Lowndes skillfully weaves Timmy's perspective, capturing the nuances of a child's perception and illustrating how trauma can manifest itself in unexpected ways.

One of the most striking aspects of Lowndes' writing is her ability to create complex and compelling characters. Each individual in the story is carefully crafted, with their own motives, fears, and desires. The author invites readers to empathize with these characters, making their actions and decisions all the more thought-provoking and relatable.

Furthermore, Lowndes' prose is elegant and evocative, painting vivid pictures of the story's settings and evoking a range of emotions. Whether she is describing the tranquility of a summer day or the unsettling tension that pervades a family gathering, her descriptions draw readers into the heart of the scene, enhancing the overall reading experience.

At its core, What Timmy Did is a gripping psychological thriller that explores the long-lasting consequences of childhood trauma. Through the lens of Timmy's life, Lowndes delves into themes of guilt, secrets, and the complexities of family dynamics. As the layers of the story gradually peel away, readers are left pondering the ways in which our past experiences shape our present identities.

While the novel unfolds at a measured pace, there are moments of intense suspense that will keep readers turning the pages. Lowndes expertly builds tension, slowly revealing the truth while maintaining a sense of uncertainty. This engrossing storytelling technique ensures that readers remain enthralled until the very last page.

Overall, What Timmy Did is a riveting novel that delves deep into the complexities of the human psyche and the lasting effects of childhood trauma. Marie Belloc Lowndes' expert storytelling, nuanced characters, and evocative prose make this a truly captivating read. With its thought-provoking themes and suspenseful plot, this book is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who enters Timmy's world.

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Author of "From Out the Vasty Deep," "The Lonely House," "Love and Hatred," "Good Old Anna," "The Chink in the Armour," Etc.

Copyright, 1922, By George H. Doran Company


"Deliver my soul from the sword, my darling from the power of the dog." Psalms xxii, 20.


The telephone bell rang sharply in the sunlit and charming, if shabby, hall of Old Place.

To John Tosswill there was always something incongruous, and recurringly strange, in this queer link between a little country parish mentioned in Domesday Book and the big bustling modern world.

The bell tinkled on and on insistently, perhaps because it was now no one's special duty to attend to it. But at last the mistress of the house came running from the garden and, stripping off her gardening gloves, took up the receiver.

Janet Tosswill was John Tosswill's second wife, and, though over forty, a still young and alert looking woman, more Irish than Scotch in appearance, with her dark hair and blue eyes. But she came of good Highland stock and was proud of it.

"London wants you," came the tired, cross voice she knew all too well.

"I think there must be some mistake. This is Old Place, Beechfield, Surrey. I don't think anyone can be ringing us from London... Continue reading book >>

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