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The White Feather Hex   By:

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The White Feather Hex, written by Don Peterson, is a fast-paced and thrilling adventure that seamlessly blends elements of mystery and fantasy. From the very first pages, the book grabs hold of the reader's attention and never lets go until its gripping conclusion.

Set in a small town shrouded in secrets, the story follows Harry Benson, a young boy who unexpectedly discovers an ancient curse upon his family. When his beloved grandmother passes away, Harry inherits an intriguing white feather pendant that carries a mystical power. Unaware of its true significance, he embarks on a journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding it.

Peterson's writing style is vivid and evocative, bringing each character to life in a way that makes them relatable and compelling. Harry, in particular, is a well-developed protagonist, portraying the struggles of an adolescent grappling with newfound responsibilities and the weight of the knowledge he possesses. His determination to find answers and protect his loved ones drives the narrative forward, allowing readers to become emotionally invested in his journey.

The plot is expertly crafted, balancing moments of excitement, tension, and introspection. As Harry delves deeper into his family's history and uncovers the secrets that the white feather holds, he encounters a host of fascinating secondary characters. Whether it's the enigmatic fortune teller he seeks for guidance, the mischievous trickster who aids him on his quest, or the menacing antagonist set on stopping him at all costs, each character serves a purpose and contributes to the overall richness of the story.

Furthermore, Peterson's world-building is commendable. He effortlessly weaves mythical elements into the fabric of the town, seamlessly blending magic and reality. The vivid descriptions of the supernatural occurrences and the intricate details of the curse's origins add depth and authenticity to the narrative, making it easy for readers to suspend their disbelief.

One minor drawback of the book is the occasional predictability of certain plot twists. Some revelations may be anticipated by astute readers, slightly diminishing the element of surprise. However, this does not detract significantly from the overall enjoyment of the story, as the author compensates with plenty of unexpected turns and captivating moments throughout.

In conclusion, The White Feather Hex is a highly enjoyable and well-crafted novel that effortlessly combines mystery, fantasy, and adventure. Don Peterson's captivating storytelling and well-drawn characters make it a compelling read for audiences of all ages. Whether one is looking for an engaging page-turner or a thought-provoking exploration of family secrets and the power of belief, this book delivers on multiple levels.

First Page:

The White Feather Hex


[Transcriber Note: This etext was produced from Weird Tales March 1951. Extensive research did not uncover any evidence that the U.S. copyright on this publication was renewed.]

Heading by the Author

[Illustration: You waited till the feather turned red.]

It all started with a Dutchman, a Pennsylvania Dutchman named Peter Scheinberger, who tilled a weather beaten farm back in the hills.

A strong, wiry man he was his arms were knotted sections of solid hickory forming themselves into gnarled hands and twisted stubs of fingers. His furrowed brow, dried by the sun and cracked in a million places by the wind was well irrigated by long rivulets of sweat. When he went forth in the fields behind his horse and plow, it wasn't long before his hair was plastered down firmly to his scalp. The salty water poured out of the deep rings in his ruddy neck and ran down his dark brown back. As he grew older the skin peeled and grew loose. It hung on him in folds like the brittle hide of a rhino.

It seemed that the more years he spent in his fields behind the plow horse, the more he slipped back into the timeless tradition of his forefathers. He was a proud descendant of a long line of staunch German settlers commonly known as the Pennsylvania Dutch. He grew up in his fundamental, religious sect having never known any other environment... Continue reading book >>

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