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Women of Modern France (Illustrated) Woman: In all ages and in all countries Vol. 7 (of 10)   By:

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Women of Modern France (Illustrated) is an enlightening and captivating glimpse into the lives and contributions of French women throughout history. Authored by Hugo Paul Thieme, this well-researched and finely crafted book delves into the accomplishments, struggles, and triumphs of these remarkable individuals.

One of the most commendable aspects of this book is the comprehensive and meticulous manner in which Thieme explores the lives of French women. Covering a wide range of professions, backgrounds, and time periods, the author ensures that no aspect of women's influence in French society is left untouched. From the pioneering activists who fought for women's rights, to the talented artists and writers who left an indelible mark on French culture, every chapter is an engrossing account of female empowerment and perseverance.

Furthermore, the inclusion of illustrations serves to enhance the reading experience. From intricate portraits of influential figures to vivid depictions of historic events, the visuals provide readers with a tangible connection to the past. This visual element adds a depth and dimension to the narratives, making them all the more engaging.

Thieme's writing style is commendable, seamlessly weaving together historical facts and personal anecdotes. The author's evident passion for the subject matter is evident, as each chapter unfolds with a sense of reverence and admiration for these unsung heroines. His extensive research is evident in the detailed descriptions and anecdotal evidence, leaving no doubt about the authenticity and accuracy of the information presented.

While the book does focus primarily on French women, it also contextualizes their stories within a broader global narrative. Thieme highlights the influence of other cultures on French society, exploring the interconnectedness of women's struggles and achievements across borders. This broader perspective adds richness to the book, reminding readers of the universal nature of the fight for gender equality.

However, it is worth noting that the book assumes a level of familiarity with French history and culture. While this does not render it inaccessible to those less knowledgeable, a basic understanding of French history would undoubtedly enhance the reading experience. Some readers may have preferred a more introductory approach, providing more background information to supplement the stories of these remarkable women.

In conclusion, Women of Modern France (Illustrated) is a captivating exploration of the significant impact and contributions of French women throughout history. Hugo Paul Thieme's meticulous research, engaging writing style, and inclusion of illustrations make this book an excellent resource for anyone interested in women's history, French culture, or simply seeking inspiration in the face of adversity. This volume is a valuable addition to any library, providing a well-rounded perspective on the indomitable spirit of women throughout the ages.

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HUGO P. THIEME, Ph.D. Of the University of Michigan

[Illustration 1: MARGUERITE D'ANGOULÊME, QUEEN OF NAVARRE, READING THE HEPTAMERON TO HER BROTHER, FRANCIS I. After the painting by Léon Olivie In the Heptameron we have an accurate representation of society, its manners and style of conversation; in it we find, also remnants of the brutality and grossness of the Middle Ages, as well as reflections of the higher tendencies and aspirations of the later time. In having a thorough knowledge of the tricks, deceits, and follies of the professional lovers of the day, and of their object in courting women, Marguerite was able to warn her contemporaries and thus guard them against immorality and its dangers. In her works she upheld the purity of ideal love, exposing the questionable and selfish designs of the clever professional seducers. ]


In all ages and in all countries



HUGO P. THIEME, Ph.D. Of the University of Michigan




Among the Latin races, the French race differs essentially in one characteristic which has been the key to the success of French women namely, the social instinct. The whole French nation has always lived for the present time, in actuality, deriving from life more of what may be called social pleasure than any other nation... Continue reading book >>

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