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General View of Positivism

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By: (1798-1857)

General View of Positivism by Auguste Comte is a foundational text in the field of sociology and philosophy. Comte’s ideas on the development of society and the importance of positivism as a guiding principle are both thought-provoking and insightful.

One of the key aspects of Comte’s work is his belief in the progression of society through three stages - the theological, metaphysical, and positive stages. This framework provides a comprehensive understanding of how societies evolve over time and the role of scientific thinking in shaping the modern world.

Comte’s emphasis on the importance of positivism, or the belief in empirical observation and scientific reasoning, is especially relevant in today’s society. His arguments for the use of scientific methods to understand the world around us are still highly influential and provide a strong foundation for further study in the social sciences.

Overall, General View of Positivism is a seminal work that has had a lasting impact on the fields of sociology and philosophy. Comte’s ideas are still relevant and important today, making this book essential reading for anyone interested in understanding the development of society and the role of science in shaping our world.

Book Description:
Auguste Comte was from France and published this book in French in 1844. He made a very great impact on the sciences and claims to have “discovered the principal laws of Sociology." Comte says Reason has become habituated to revolt but that doesn’t mean it will always retain its revolutionary character. He discusses Science, the trade-unions, Proletariat workers, Communists, Capitalists, Republicans, the role of woman in society, the elevation of Social Feeling over Self-love, and the Catholic Church in this book. His goal is to replace theology with philosophy and develop the Religion of Humanity where Imagination is subordinate to Reason as Reason is to Feeling. Positivism can be summed up in this statements from his conclusion: “Love, then, is our principle; Order our basis; and Progress our end.” This is the 1908 edition of the book. - Summary by Craig Campbell

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