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Concerning Grace and Free Will

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By: (1090-1153)

In 'Concerning Grace and Free Will' by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, the author delves into the complex relationship between divine grace and human free will. Bernard offers deep insights and reflections on these theological concepts, drawing on scripture, the teachings of the Church fathers, and his own spiritual experiences.

Throughout the book, Bernard emphasizes the importance of God's grace in guiding and shaping our actions, while also acknowledging the role of human free will in responding to that grace. He presents a balanced view, affirming the sovereignty of God while also highlighting the responsibility of individuals to cooperate with His divine will.

Bernard's writing is profound and thought-provoking, challenging readers to contemplate the mysteries of faith and the workings of God in the world. His insights are both timeless and relevant, offering valuable guidance for those seeking to deepen their understanding of Christian theology and spirituality.

Overall, 'Concerning Grace and Free Will' is a rich and rewarding read for anyone interested in delving into the complexities of theology and grappling with questions of divine sovereignty and human agency. Bernard's wisdom and insight shine through in this classic work, making it a valuable addition to any theological library.

Book Description:
The subject of the treatise was suggested, as is plain from the text itself, as the result of a public, or at any rate semi-public, discussion with some person unknown in which St. Bernard, strongly commending the work of grace, had seemed to lay himself open to the charge of unduly minimizing the function of free will. There is about the treatise the fragrance of mystical theology; not the mystical theology of the esoteric, but that of the simple Christian living in the world. It is wonderful how this ascetic, this cloistered recluse, touches his subject with the hand of one who knows the pulsations of average humanity.

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