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Lucian's Dialogues Volume 2: The Dialogues of the Sea-Gods

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Lucian's Dialogues Volume 2: The Dialogues of the Sea-Gods is a fascinating and entertaining collection of dialogues written by Lucian of Samosata. In this volume, Lucian explores the relationships and interactions between the ancient gods of the sea, such as Poseidon and Glaucus.

The dialogues are witty, clever, and thought-provoking, as Lucian delves into the personalities and quirks of the sea-gods. His writing is engaging and humorous, with sharp insights into the nature of power, love, and jealousy among the deities.

One of the highlights of the book is the dialogue between Poseidon and Glaucus, which is full of banter and clever wordplay. Lucian's skillful use of language and humor keeps the reader entertained throughout the entire volume.

Overall, Lucian's Dialogues Volume 2 is a delightful read for anyone interested in Greek mythology, ancient literature, or simply looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining book. Lucian's writing is timeless and his dialogues are a true testament to his genius as a writer.

Book Description:
The Dialogues of the Sea-Gods are 15 miniature dialogues mocking the Homeric conception of the Greek gods, originally written in Attic Greek by Syrian author Lucian of Samosata. Almost 1900 years old, these dialogues still retain a lot of their original humor and wit. - Summary by Foon Cast: Alpheius/Menelaus: ZoinkMeister Patrick Amphitrite/Panope: alanmapstone Cyclops: Nemo Delphines/Amymone: Leanne Yau Doris: Foon Enipeus: Rob Marland Galateia: Anita Sloma-Martinez Galene/Xanthus: Jeanne Viray Iphianassa: Pseudonymous Nerd Iris: Availle Notus: Stefan Von Blon Poseidon: Larry Wilson Protheus/Triton: Adam Bielka Thalassa: B L Newman Thetis: K.G.Cross Zephyrus: Seaquill Audio edited by Larry Wilson

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