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Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley

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By: (1824-1892)

John Gilmary Shea's comprehensive account of the discovery and exploration of the Mississippi Valley provides a fascinating look into the early expeditions that shaped the region's history. Shea skillfully weaves together primary source documents and historical narratives to paint a vivid picture of the explorers who ventured into this unknown territory.

One of the strengths of the book is Shea's attention to detail, as he meticulously lays out the motivations, challenges, and accomplishments of each expedition. From De Soto's quest for gold to Marquette and Joliet's peaceful exploration of the river, readers gain a deep understanding of the diverse experiences and outcomes of these journeys.

Additionally, Shea's engaging writing style makes the book accessible to a wide audience, whether they are history enthusiasts or newcomers to the subject. His passion for the topic shines through in his storytelling, keeping readers captivated from beginning to end.

Overall, Discovery and Exploration of the Mississippi Valley is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the early history of America's heartland. Shea's thorough research and engaging prose make this book a must-read for those looking to delve into the rich history of the Mississippi River and the explorers who shaped its legacy.

Book Description:
"It has long been a desideratum to have in English the early narratives, of the discovery and exploration of the Mississippi. Marquette's map and voyage have indeed appeared, but the narrative varies in no small degree from the authentic manuscript, and the map is not at all a copy of that still preserved, as it came from the hand of the great explorer. These published from original manuscripts, and accompanied by the narratives of the missionaries in La Salle's expedition, are now first presented in an accessible shape, and complete the annals of the exploration.

The life of Marquette, and the history of the exploration itself, are the result of many years study of the early Spanish and French authorities, both printed and manuscript, some of which have never before been consulted." - Summary by the Author

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