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Later Treatises of Saint Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria

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Later Treatises of Saint Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria by Athanasius of Alexandria is a profound and enlightening collection of writings from one of the most influential Christian theologians of the 4th century. Athanasius' clear and concise writing style makes his theological insights accessible to readers of all levels of spiritual understanding.

In this book, Athanasius discusses a wide range of topics, including the incarnation of Christ, the importance of the resurrection, and the nature of the Trinity. His arguments are well-reasoned and deeply rooted in Scripture, making a compelling case for the orthodox Christian faith.

What sets Athanasius apart from other theologians of his time is his unwavering commitment to defending the divinity of Christ against the Arian heresy. He fearlessly challenges the prevailing theological trends of his era, asserting that Jesus Christ is of the same substance as God the Father and emphasizing the unity of the Trinity.

Overall, Later Treatises of Saint Athanasius, Archbishop of Alexandria is a timeless masterpiece that continues to inspire and educate readers centuries after its initial publication. Athanasius' wisdom and devotion to the truth of the Christian faith shine through in every page, making this book a must-read for anyone interested in deepening their understanding of Christian theology.

Book Description:
The times, for which God raised up Saint Athanasius, have, in many respects, a counterpart in our own. There is, now too, earnest, ever-enlarging, adherence to the faith, in those who hold it. But there is also a wide-spread dislike of definite doctrine, such as found a vent in the different shades of Arianism. They framed eleven Creeds, to satisfy themselves or others, over-against the one faith, put forth at Nicaea and accepted by the whole Church. They swung to and fro, at times approximating nearer to the truth; but their secret maxim, unknown to themselves, was, "anything but the Truth".

But Saint Athanasius speaks more nearly to us, who would defend that faith. Wide as differences now are, the adherence to the maxims and principles of Saint Athanasius may prevent their being wider, or may win many to the whole truth. It is a great step to understand one another. "Saint Athanasius looked through words into meanings." "One of the characteristic points in Saint Athanasius," said Card. Newman 40 years ago, "is his constant attention to the sense of doctrine, or the meaning of writers, in preference to the words used."

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