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Librivox Multilingual Short Works Collection 006

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I recently listened to the Librivox Multilingual Short Works Collection 006, a compilation of various short stories and poems in different languages. The collection features a diverse array of literary works, from classic pieces to contemporary selections, showcasing the beauty and richness of different languages and cultures.

One of the things I appreciated about this collection was the variety of voices and styles present in the different works. It was fascinating to listen to stories and poems in languages I am not familiar with, and it gave me a greater appreciation for the art of storytelling across different cultures.

The quality of the narration was also quite impressive. The readers did a fantastic job of bringing the texts to life, capturing the nuances and emotions of each piece. I found myself drawn into each story and poem, even if I didn't understand the language being spoken.

Overall, the Librivox Multilingual Short Works Collection 006 is a wonderful compilation that celebrates the power of language and literature. It is a testament to the universal nature of storytelling and the beauty of diversity in the literary world. I highly recommend this collection to anyone who enjoys exploring new languages and cultures through literature.

Book Description:
This is a collection of short pieces, poetry or prose, fiction and non-fiction, in several different languages. All chosen and recorded by Librivox volunteers. Brief description of the contributions: 01 Tagalog - ¡Ang Reyna Elena.....! by Pascual de Leon (1893-1958) [1915] - Key words: poetry, The Queen Elena 02 Polish - Pieśń o mowie naszej by Tadeusz Boy-Żeleński (1874-1941) [1913] - Key words: poetry, poezja, język, pruderia 03 Japanese - Tebukuro wo kaini by Niimi Nankichi (1913-1943) [1943] - Key words: prose, fiction, children, fox, mitten 04 Japanese - Sangetsuki by Nakajima Atsushi (1909-1942) [1942] - Key words: prose, fiction, China, tiger 05 Japanese - Butoukai by Akutagawa Ryunosuke (1892-1927) [1920] - Key words: prose, fiction, ball, dance 06 Japanese - Manaduru to Daria by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) [1948] - Key words: prose, fiction, crane, dahlia 07 Japanese - Lemon by Kajii Motojiro (1901-1932) [1928] - Key words: prose, fiction, lemon, Kyoto 08 Japanese - Mimizuku Tsushin by Dazai Osamu (1909-1948) [1941] - Key words: prose, fiction, Niigata, speech 09 Japanese - Bremen no Machigakutai by Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (1785-1863) & Wilhelm Carl Grimm (1786-1859) translated by Kusuyama Masao(1884-1950) [1949] - Key words: prose, fiction, children, Grimm 10 Japanese - Shisakusya no Nikki by Miki Kiyoshi (1897-1945) [1939] 11 Japanese - Asahan by Shimazaki Touson (1872-1943) [1906] - Key words: prose, fiction, breakfast 12 Japanese - Sannin no Hyakusyou by Akita Ujyaku (1883-1962) [1920] - Key words: prose, fiction, peasant, baby 13 Japanese - Oborekaketa Kyodai by Arishima Takeo (1878-1923) [1921] 14 Tagalog - Ang Tubo by Jose N. Sevilla (1880-1946) [1908] - Key words: prose, poetry, legend of the tubo or "sugar cane" 15 Latin - Carmina I - Dedication to Cornelius Nepos by Caius Valerius Catullus (84 BC-54 BC) - Key words: Poetry 16 Spanish - Eldorado from Poemas by Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) translated by Alberto Lasplaces (1887-1950) - Key words: Poem 17 Russian - Dobbles's Missing Overshoe by Arkady Averchenko (1881-1925) [1908] - Key words: prose (feuilleton) 18 Latin - Ode 1: To Maecenas (from Odes and Epodes) by Quintus Horatius Flaccus (aka Horace) (65 BC-8 BC) [1922] - Key words: Poem, Ode 19 Latin - Cynthia Monobiblos, Elegy 4 by Sextus Propertius (50 BC-15 BC) - Key words: Poem, Elegy

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