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Mars and Its Canals

Book cover
By: (1855-1916)

Mars and Its Canals by Percival Lowell is a fascinating exploration of the planet Mars and the author's theories about the intricate network of canals he believed to exist on its surface. Published in the early 20th century, Lowell's work sparked widespread interest and debate among scientists and the public about the possibility of intelligent life on Mars.

Lowell's meticulous observations and detailed drawings of Mars' surface features provide a compelling argument for the existence of artificial canals built by an advanced civilization. While modern advancements in technology have since debunked Lowell's theories and revealed the canals to be mere optical illusions, his passion for the study of Mars and his pioneering efforts to understand the planet's mysteries remain noteworthy.

Overall, Mars and Its Canals is a thought-provoking read that offers a window into the scientific beliefs and speculations of the past. Lowell's poetic prose and enthusiasm for exploring the unknown make this book a valuable historical document in the study of astronomy and the search for extraterrestrial life.

Book Description:
In the days before telescope photography, astronomers had to draw what they thought they saw through the eyepiece throughout the long dark nights. Sometimes they saw saw more than there really was to see, and a bit over 100 years ago Percival Lowell published books on what he was sure were canals on Mars, signs of intelligent civilization. by Alfred Russel Wallace.) - Summary by ToddHW

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