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One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe

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By: (1830-1896)

One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe by William Carpenter is a thought-provoking and controversial read that challenges the widely accepted belief that the Earth is round. Carpenter presents a series of compelling arguments and evidence to support his claim that the Earth is actually flat, ranging from observations of natural phenomena to inconsistencies in the theory of a spherical Earth.

The book delves into various scientific principles and historical accounts that question the globe model, inviting readers to reconsider what they have been taught about the shape of our planet. While some may find Carpenter's arguments to be unconventional and fringe, his work encourages critical thinking and skepticism of mainstream scientific theories.

Overall, One Hundred Proofs That the Earth Is Not a Globe is a fascinating and eye-opening read that will prompt readers to reexamine their beliefs about the world we live in. Whether you agree with Carpenter's assertions or not, this book is sure to spark lively debates and inspire further exploration into the nature of our Earth.

Book Description:
A bit of pseudo-science that will baffle, confuse, and amaze! Until the Space Age, there was little every-day, self-evident proof that the earth was a globe, and plenty of people believed in a flat Earth. Here are 100 short arguments for a flat Earth. Some of them can be proven wrong fairly easily; others confound; and others are stated so confusingly that they MUST be true! - Summary by TriciaG

“‘One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe,’ by William Carpenter, is published by the author, whose novel and rather startling position is certainly fortified by a number of argumentative points, which, if they do not shake the reader’s preconceived notions on the subject, will, at least, be found entertaining for the style in which they are put.”—Evening Star, Philadelphia, July 22, 1886.

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