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Philosophical Rudiments Concerning Government and Society

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By: (1588-1679)

In "Philosophical Rudiments Concerning Government and Society," Thomas Hobbes presents a thought-provoking examination of the nature of government and society. He argues that humans are inherently self-interested and driven by a desire for power, leading to a state of nature characterized by chaos and conflict.

Hobbes proposes that in order to escape this state of nature, individuals must enter into a social contract with a sovereign authority that will maintain order and protect the interests of the people. This sovereign authority should be absolute and unchallengeable, as only through a strong central government can society function effectively.

While Hobbes' ideas are undeniably controversial and have been subject to much criticism over the years, his insights into human nature and the role of government still hold relevance in modern society. His emphasis on the need for a stable and powerful government to maintain social order and prevent chaos resonates with ongoing debates about the role of the state in contemporary politics.

Overall, "Philosophical Rudiments Concerning Government and Society" offers a thought-provoking exploration of fundamental questions about the nature of government and society, making it a valuable read for anyone interested in political philosophy and the organization of society.

Book Description:
De Cive ("On the citizen") is one of Thomas Hobbes's major works. "The book was published originally in Latin from Paris in 1642, followed by two further Latin editions in 1647 from Amsterdam. The English translation of the work made its first appearance four years later (London 1651) under the title 'Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society'." It anticipates themes of the better-known Leviathan. The famous phrase bellum omnium contra omnes ("war of all against all") appeared first in De Cive. DPLs for this project were phaedo and craigdav1

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