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The prophete Ionas with an introduccion by William Tyndale   By: (1494?-1536)

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{Transcriber's note:

The spelling and word divisions are inconsistent throughout the original. No changes have been made, but some possible typographical errors are listed at the end of the etext.

There are two places in the original where paragraphs start with a decorative initial capital letter, instead of the usual ¶ sign. These paragraphs are preceded in this etext with a row of asterisks.

Several contractions are used in the original. Vowels with a line over them, usually indicating an omitted m or n. These contractions have been expanded in this etext. The words "the" and "that" are often printed in the original as a y with a very small e or t over the top. These contractions are represented in this etext by "[the]" and "[that]". The word "with" is sometimes printed in the original as a w followed by a superscript t. This contraction is represented in this etext by "[with]". The word "thus" is once printed in the original as a y followed by a superscript s. This contraction is represented in this etext by "[thus]". }

¶ The prophete Ionas/ with an introduccion before teachinge to vnderstonde him and the right vse also of all the scripture/ and why it was written/ and what is therin to be sought/ and shewenge wherewith the scripture is locked vpp that he which readeth it/ can not vnderstonde it/ though he studie therin neuer so moch: and agayne with what keyes it is so opened/ that the reader can be stopped out with no sotilte or false doctrine of man/ from the true sense and vnderstondynge therof.

W. T. vn to the Christen reader.

As [the] envious Philistenes stopped [the] welles of Abraham and filled them vpp with erth/ to put [the] memoriall out of minde/ to [the] entent [that] they might chalenge [the] grounde: even so the fleshly minded ypocrites stoppe vpp the vaynes of life which are in [the] scripture/ [with] the erth of theyr tradicions/ false similitudes & lienge allegories: & [that] of like zele/ to make [the] scripture theyr awne possession & marchaundice: and so shutt vpp the kingdome of heven which is Gods worde nether enteringe in them selues nor soferinge them that wolde.

¶ The scripture hath a body with out/ and within a soule/ sprite & life. It hath [with] out a barke/ a shell and as it were an hard bone for [the] fleshly mynded to gnaw vppon. And within it hath pith/ cornell/ mary & all swetnesse for Gods electe which he hath chosen to geve them his spirite/ & to write his law & [the] faith of his sonne in their hertes.

¶ The scripture conteyneth .iii. thinges in it first [the] law to condemne all flesh: secondaryly [the] Gospell/ [that] is to saye/ promises of mercie for all [that] repent & knowlege their sinnes at the preachinge of [the] law & consent in their hertes that the law is good/ & submitte them selues to be scolers to lern to kepe the lawe & to lerne to beleue [the] mercie that is promised them: & thridly the stories & liues of those scolars/ both what chaunces fortuned them/ & also by what meanes their scolemaster taught them and made them perfecte/ & how he tried the true from the false.

¶ When [the] ypocrites come to [the] lawe/ they put gloses to and make no moare of it then of a worldly law which is satisfied with [the] outwarde worke and which a turke maye also fulfill. When yet Gods law never ceaseth to condemne a man vntill it be written in his herte and vntill he kepe it naturally without compulsion & all other respecte saue only of pure love to God and his neyboure/ as he naturally eateth when he is an hongred/ without compulsion & all other respecte/ saue to slake his hongre only.

¶ And when they come to the Gospell/ there they mingle their leuen & saye/ God now receaueth vs no moare to mercie/ but of mercie receaueth vs to penaunce/ that is to wete/ holy dedes [that] make them fatt belies & vs their captiues/ both in soule and body. And yet they fayne theyr Idole [the] Pope so mercifull/ [that] if thou make a litle money glister in his Balams eyes/ there is nether penaunce ner purgatory ner any fastinge at all but to fle to heven as swefte as a thought and at the twinkellynge of an eye... Continue reading book >>

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