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Red Rubber: The Story of the Rubber Slave Trade on the Congo

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By: (1873-1924)

Red Rubber: The Story of the Rubber Slave Trade on the Congo by Edmund Dene Morel is a harrowing and eye-opening account of the atrocities committed during the rubber boom in the Congo Free State in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Morel meticulously chronicles the exploitation and abuse of African laborers by European colonizers in their quest for profit and power.

Through detailed analysis and firsthand testimonies, Morel exposes the brutal methods employed by King Leopold II of Belgium and his agents to extract rubber from the Congo, including forced labor, violence, and mass murder. He also highlights the complicity of Western nations and corporations in perpetuating this system of exploitation for their own economic gain.

Morel's writing is powerful and evocative, stirring empathy and outrage in equal measure. He effectively conveys the horrific conditions endured by the Congolese people and the lasting impact of the rubber trade on their lives and culture. His meticulous research and passionate advocacy for justice make Red Rubber a crucial and compelling read for anyone interested in understanding the dark history of colonialism and exploitation in Africa.

Book Description:
Morel explains the history and formation of the Congo Free State, owned by King Leopold II. However, Morel, a humanitarian, focuses on the atrocities commited in the Congo through the enslavement of the native population, leading to the deaths of as much as 50 percent of the population. Writing in the early 20th century, he argues Britain can and should stop these horrific human rights violations. - Summary by Elsie Selwyn

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